Creampie Phone Sex Fantasy with Porscha

Was just sitting here thinking what to get my husband. That perfect gift just for him and thankfully a certain someone helped me out with my gift dilemma. A certain fellow who loves calling in for his weekly creampie phone sex fantasy, which offered up some great ideas on what I should be doing with my own hubby.

creampie phone sex fantasy

Not quite sure how I didnt think of it before. What man, who is in a cuckold relationship, wouldnt love diving between his wife’s legs on that Christmas morning only to find out she was offering up more than a kiss under that mistletoe. The evidence is right there in creamy delight.

This sexy MILF plans to let Santa bang her waxed pussy minus the condom. What fun way to celebrate the holidays than receiving such a nice gift from St. Nick than a pussy filled with his ho ho ho juice.

Mind you… Now that I keep thinking on this I am believing my cream filled cunt should just wake my husband up with some face sitting. Sure my phone cuck and I never dove into face sitting during our creampie phone sex fantasy but really isnt that the best. Me taking full control. I am a cuckoldress after all.

So why not just wake my husband up in the middle of the night after Santa’s dick finished thrusting away. Let that hot sticky ball jizz drip into my man’s mouth. I think I am liking this idea the best. Would love for you to help me narrow down the details with some more creampie phone sex fantasies. I am around till the holidays so lets have some naughty fun. Help me get on that naughty fucking list of Santa’s.

Just ask for Porscha when you call 1-888-662-6482.

Anything Goes Phone Sex MILF Porscha

Well I must admit that I am one rather upset MILF right now. For my hot lawn guy is back at university. My days spent watching him mow the lawn in nothing more than jeans and work boots are over. This hot and horny phone sex MILF is left with nothing more than naughty fantasies to masturbate too.

anything goes phone sex milf

Sure you have a few taboo thoughts that help you get in a playful mood and reaching for that rather hard cock. I know I am definitely not alone when it comes to extreme role plays. Yes I know its not something we would act on but man is it ever hot to share those naughty thoughts with someone and well masturbate.

As a mature woman I have my own fair share of taboo desires and well being a phone sex MILF I get to share those naughty fantasies with men like yourself who have a fondness for a more mature woman.

Must say currently I would love to explore you being my lawn boy though truth be told that has been an on going sexual fantasy of mine. So if you dont mine being man handled by an older woman. Teased by a horny housewife then by all means call me so we can indulge in my taboo role play.

No need to be shy with your sinful sexual desires either I really am an anything goes phone sex MILF. Nothing excites me more than knowing your sharing your deepest darkest more sinful secret. I mean I have already told you I wanted to pounce my lawn boy and never did. I believe its time you share something with me.

You may reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Porscha the anything goes phone sex MILF.

Anything Goes Phone Sex Fantasies with Porscha

Ever been so horny that you cant put a finger on what sort of fantasy will get you off? Oh I am sure you have been. Well this is my week. Ok so its only the beginning of the week but obviously you know this MILF is beyond insatiable and craving some anything goes phone sex fantasies.

anything goes phone sex fantasies

Honestly, when I start to think about the delightful topics we can cover over the phone my mind starts racing and well my mature shaved cut just gets wet. I now a woman of my age probably shouldnt talk like that but really you finding me on a phone sex site so lets be real. A sweet prim and proper lady you are definitely not looking for. You want someone who knows her way around a dick and isnt afraid to talk dirty.

Unless you like that sweet church going lady sort of role play and want to corrupt her? Then I am all game for that. Actually the idea of making someone curse and swear against their nature is rather hot. Mind you I do rather enjoy the corruption of some cub if you get my drift. Oh but cuckold will always be rather near and dear to my married heart.

Oh dear! As you can see my mind is racing just trying to express myself in a blog. Truly its an anything goes phone sex fantasy type of day. Though I am thinking something in the taboo category will probably get me off hard. Please like you are the only one with taboo thoughts. No deary!

Hopefully your horny thoughts have given you a direction. Something you wish to share with me so we can both get off together over it. I now I am in the mood to get off a lot today.

My name is Porscha and you can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482.

Taboo Phone Sex Role Plays with MILF Porscha

I am all for exciting and taboo phone sex role plays. There is just something so interesting about diving into something sinful that your not suppose to talk about in your day to day world. Even hotter when its with someone your not going to run into in your usual day.

taboo phone sex role play milf

That being said I have a few gentlemen that I talk to with some rather interesting taboo role play fantasies. Its not the rather traditional sense where they describe something they were thinking about in the way of fucking the babysitter or best friends mom. Its more they love the idea of asking me questions so that I will confess to how dirty of a MILF I am.

You see where this is going dont you?

Something extremely hot about confessing what I have done over the years. Those taboo desires I have given into and not told anyone about. The affairs I have had on my husband. The risky sex. The well taboo things that I will not admit to here.

Do you like hearing a woman’s deepest confessions? How about in a taboo phone sex role play scenario. Like perhaps being a priest having to ask me questions about my affairs.

Shall just let your mind think about those things for a moment. While you think about what type of phone sex role play you would enjoy  here is the number to reach me at 1-888-662-6482 nothing is off limits with this mature MILF.

bustymilfporscha is my aim

Mature Phone Sex MILF Porscha

Are you craving something a bit different from the usual variety of phone sex girls? The barely legal and vixens just not hitting your special sweet spot? Well honey that is why I am here your sexy mature phone sex MILF.

mature phone sex milf

See now that got you thinking back to your early college days returning home and seeing the sexy single lady next door in her far too short skirt cleaning her car. Or better yet all those hot married woman who were home ordering take out and you got the joy of delivering to their homes. If only you had the balls to offer her a tip.

Well lucky for you someone like me became a mature phone sex operator, so all those times in your past that you wince over wishing you said this or that, can be played out in a hot orgasmic ending. I do so love the stories, role plays and fantasies you guys bring to me.

See those sexual fantasies just cant be done with anyone. Those stories you hold onto from your favorite college professor to well the very taboo ones are meant to be shared with someone of a fine age. Not knocking those younger than myself they are all very lovely girls but they cant offer you what I can, the more mature view aspect.

So get your mind working on those masturbation fantasies that require a mature phone sex MILF, hmm perhaps there is something in your fond memories that require a MILF and barely legal coed. Now that should get your juices flowing even more.

Just ask for Porscha when you call 1-888-662-6482.




Big Tit Phone Sex Fantasies with Porscha

big tit phone sex fantasy

Dont you just love the warmer weather? Being able to be outside and having fun. To feel the sun on your skin. Course if your like any of the men who call me your definitely enjoying the lack of clothing the women are wearing.

Doesnt matter the age we are all doing it the heat has us all reaching for less and less clothing. I would say I am guilty of this but I am definitely doing it on purpose. All those men with big tit phone sex fantasies telling me how they wish more mature women would flaunt their breasts.

Well I listened and I am out there in my demi bras, tanks and well light weight summer dresses showing off some major cleavage for your  masturbation fantasies.

I do have to wonder when you run into me at the store do you wait to get home and stroke your cock or are your doing it in the parking lot? That added rush of being caught. Men often say it does enhance their self pleasure.

Oh dont worry I have talked to men in all sorts of areas about their big tit fantasies. Those things they like to do with them be it a slow titty fuck with lots of lube to just watching a women jiggle them massive mammaries in their face. Which would you be sweetheart?

I can say that I am sitting here braless with my big 36DDD in a strapless summer top. Makes for some easy access during a no taboo big tit phone sex fantasy call.

Porscha 1-888-662-6482


Panty Boy Phone Sex with Porscha

panty boy phone sex

One of the best things about panty boy phone sex is not just that I have a man on the phone who’s wearing panties for me. That part is certainly nice, and I do enjoy hearing about the many reasons a man might choose to do this. But I think my favorite part of it all is having you do things for me while wearing nothing but your panties. That part can be quite entertaining.

What is the purpose of wearing panties if you can’t show them off a bit, after all? Some of you panty boys have such pretty ones that it would be a terrible shame if you couldn’t put them on display.

If you’re wondering what kinds of things I like to have men do for me while they’re wearing their panties, I’ll be glad to tell you.

One thing I like to have them do while wearing panties is take care of some chores around the house for me. It always brightens my day to watch men do things for me, especially when they’re wearing such lovely panties.

Another thing I might have them do is serve as a bit of entertainment for myself and some of my friends at a private party at my home. I have learned that panty-clad waiters and cocktail makers tend to go over quite well.

And if I’m in the mood for something a little sexier, then I will sometimes have my panty boys stroke themselves for me…in the way I tell them to, of course. Guided masturbation is so much sexier when there are panties involved.

Does this sound like the kind of panty boy phone sex good time that you’d like to have? If so, then give Mrs. Porscha a call at 1-888-662-6482

Spanking Phone Sex with Porscha

spanking phone sex

Spanking phone sex has always been one of my favorite fetishes to engage in with my lovely callers. There are numerous reasons for this, but they mostly all come down to the fact that spanking can be used in a variety of ways, for a variety of reasons.

For example, contrary to what many may believe, spanking can be a very sensual experience. It does not always have to be about giving and receiving pain, although it certainly can be if both parties so choose. But it can also be a wonderful expression of sensuality and intimacy. A woman never knows as much about her partner as she does while he’s lying naked across her lap with his upturned little rump awaiting her hand.

Although if you do happen to be a pain slut, spanking can be for you, too. The intensity of the spanking depends on the desires of its participants, after all.

Furthermore, spanking phone sex can be used as either a punishment or a reward. If you have been bad or disobeyed me, I know that giving you a spanking can be both painful and humiliating for you if I wish it to be. In that way, it acts a deterrent to continued bad behavior.

On the other hand, I know that many of you crave the sensation of spanking, both the physical sensations and the mental/emotional ones. For you, I can use spanking as a reward for being obedient toward me.

Oh, yes, there are plenty of reasons that one may like spanking. Call your mature MILF Porscha at 1-888-662-6482 to tell me what yours are.

Mature Phone Sex with Porscha

mature phone sex woman

I know that you love mature phone sex women like me. It’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of. And so many men love older women, so you’re in good company with your desires.

I’ll be happy to keep your little secret and give you what it is you need, provided that you do what I tell you to do. I’m sure you can do that…can’t you?

You see, I am a very good teacher when it comes to these kinds of things, for I know what I want, and I know exactly how to go about getting it. Age and experience teaches one many things, you know. And now that I have learned these things, I want to pass them on to you, if you’re willing to be good for me.

All you have to do is listen and obey. If you can do that and please me, your reward will be great. “Every good boy gets his day,” and so forth. But if you don’t please me…well, a teacher can always spank her naughty, disobedient students until they get their collective acts together.

I won’t have to worry about that with you, though, will I? Of course you’re going to want to please me to the very best of your ability. And I’ll teach you how to do just that during our mature phone sex session together. When you’re ready to begin, all you have to do is give Mrs. Porscha a call.

1-888-662-6482 to reach Mrs Porscha

My aim is bustymilfporscha

My yim is plzmilfporscha

Mature Phone Sex Woman Porscha

mature phone sex woman

Hello Sweethearts! No matter how old you are you cant escape the fantasy of being with an older woman. Well lucky for you that you stumbled upon this mature phone sex woman who is more than happy to dive into some very extreme taboo role play fantasies.

So dont worry who you wish me to be in your older woman sexual fantasy I am more than happy to oblige.  From that hot neighbour that teased you through your college years as she wore those super short skirts to unload the groceries from the trunk of the car to well that certain someone who showed up at those family gatherings. Sweetheart we can explore them all.

This mature phone sex woman shall be around most the night ready to help you explore your sinfully naughty role play fantasies with a completely open mind. Doesn’t that just sound wonderful?

Just give me a call at 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Porscha.