Taboo Phone Sex with Bailey

Ah, taboo phone sex. That’s what I have been in the mood for lately. I don’t get nearly enough calls from you perverts who want to talk about the darker twisted side of phone fucking. And when I say twisted, I mean it. It’s so fucking dirty that I can’t even write it here. It would probably make some people faint. Okay, maybe not faint, but I know they would be appalled. We will just keep our sexy fun to ourselves. It’s more fun that way anyway.

taboo phone sex

Okay, so let’s get down to business. I want to know exactly what gets your cock hard. I don’t mean just a little hard. I mean harder than it’s ever been in your life. I want it to be throbbing when you are telling me about your nasty taboo fantasies. I want it to be so hard that you start moaning before you even touch it. Mmm. That means you’re going to have a really intense orgasm. The question is – what are we going to be talking about while you shoot that hot, creamy load all over yourself?

Please don’t worry that I am going to tell you no when you tell me what your fantasy is. I would never do that. I have no limits whatsoever. I am hoping that even though I’ve never said no to a fantasy, you can still push my limits and tell me about a fantasy or fetish I’ve never heard of. That would be fucking awesome!

Come on guys, call me for taboo phone sex. I’m so horny now and I really do not want to have to masturbate by myself. I’d much rather do it with a sexy guy like you. Just call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Bailey.

JOI Phone Sex with Bailey

If you think you’re going to be the one in charge when you call me, you’re dead wrong. You should be prepared for some JOI phone sex fun when you call me. And if you don’t know what JOI stands for, it’s jerk off instructions. You know, pretty much the same thing as guided masturbation. I will tell you, from start to finish, how to stroke your cock and when you are allowed to shoot that hot, creamy load. It’s fun, trust me!! And don’t worry, you’ll get to cum. I just have this insatiable need to be in control. It really is a win-win situation, don’t you think?

JOI phone sex

One thing I really love is when guys call me for JOI phone sex and they tell me that they also love having their assholes all filled up with their fingers or a big fat dildo. It’s double the fun because not only do I get to tell them how to jerk their cocks off, but I also get to tell them exactly how to fuck their assholes. That is SO much fun. Have you ever done that? If not, we can just start with putting a finger in your ass and see how you like it. It feels a little weird at first, but if you just keep going, I promise you that it will feel really good.

Are you ready now for a hot JOI phone sex session with me? I know your’e going to love it, even if it’s your first time. And I think that you just might get addicted to giving up the control to another person. It’s kind of freeing and you will cum SO hard. All you have to do is call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Bailey!


School Girl Phone Sex with Bailey

Slutty schoolgirl phone sex, you dress so naughtily. Why are your skirts so short? Did you forget to wear panties again today?  If I keep you after class again, people will start to make up rumors about us. My office door is always locked when you stay late. The Janitor found your panties last time you let me have a taste of that sweet pussy. He warned me about your blackmail skills. You won’t do that, right?school girl phone sex

Of course, I will blackmail you, Professor. Did you know I made a tape on my phone of you eating my pussy? I showed all the other girls, so expect a visit from them soon. My friends all think you’re handsome, but we both know that you’re mine. I will let you play, but the moment you try to escape, this school will have a scandal. Can you afford for your wife to know you cheated? Or that you call me for schoolgirl phone sex? You’ll lose half, so you better keep me happy.

Hot and nasty, this sultry kitten  knows how to wrap you around her finger. I never take no, and since homecoming is coming up, make sure I win. Stuff the ballot box before you stuff my pussy. I’ll wear the crown while I blow you, but only if I win. Imagine a beautiful teen on her knees sucking your cock while she holds that crown on her head. Sounds hot, doesn’t it? You better hope I don’t tell your wife about us. Make me feel loved, or I will accidentally threeway call her during our next school girl phone sex call. Oops. Can you imagine a devious coed calling the misses and letting her hear? Have you ever moaned that loud for her? Has she ever screamed for you as I do? Call Bailey at 1 888 662 6482

AIM: Cum4Bailey

Babysitter Phone Sex with Bailey

I figured a babysitter phone sex job would be perfect for me since I could get my pussy pleased and earn some money both at the same time. I put up a few ads saying that I was offering my services to take care of kids during the day time and evening. My inbox was flooded with response, but one really stood out. A man said he was looking for someone to watch his children while he worked nights. He was a rich executive who lived on a huge estate and was open to letting the right candidate live on his property if everything worked out. I picked up the phone and dialed his number right away and we set up a date to meet.

Babysitter Phone Sex

When I drove into the huge gates that led to his house I was in awe. I couldn’t believe that this man owned all of this land. I knew I had to get in good with him and his kids so I could move in. Once I approached the front door, he opened it up and greeted me with a smile. We talked a bit as he gave me a tour of his house. When I finally met his kids they fell in love with me. That night I cooked dinner and put the children to sleep so I could have some one on one babysitter phone sex with their father.

I was walking around trying to find his office when I got lost. So I turned around and ran right into him. He looked like a God. His physique was perfect as he stood there before me with no shirt on. He explained to me that he left a couple things out when he emailed me about the job. Before I could ask what they were, he bended me over on the couch and began fingering me before thrusting his cock inside of me. I never knew babysitter phone sex tasted this good.

Are you ready for the kinkiest babysitter around? Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Bailey!


AIM: Cum4Bailey

Extreme Phone Sex with Bailey

Do you like giving into your every need in extreme phone sex? I crave having you wrapped around my tiny finger while I possess your cock. Your purpose in life is to serve me and give me what I need to get off while at the same time you get your fix. You contacted me not knowing of my sultry plans, but soon decided it was exactly what you needed to quench your sexual appetite.

extreme phone sex

We exchanged emails about our fantasies before we finally met up at the local coffee shop. As we sat and talked, I noticed your begging bulge. I couldn’t really keep my hands to myself, so I grabbed it and began stroking it in front of everyone. You jumped back a bit not realizing what you were getting yourself into until I explained your purpose here. The coffee shop we were at was a unique one. They serve a semen frappe and had recently ran out of nut. Your purpose in extreme phone sex was to extract all your nut and provide it to the customers for their special drinks.

You looked confused but I could tell you were turned on by the idea because your cock grew harder in the palm of my hands. I gestured for you to follow me to the back with your man pole still hanging from your pants. I hooked your cock up to a machine and began extracting your nut in our extreme phone sex session. Playing with my pussy and pinching my nipples through my shirt, I watched as you began to make yourself cum. You watched in amazement as your man juice flowed through the tubes into a big container. My fingers were nice and sticky from my juices, so I placed them in your mouth for you to suck on as you fulfilled the coffee shops need.


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