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I can tease and arouse you with a whole cuckold wife fantasy, painting a very vivid picture in your mind that makes your cock rock hard, because I’ve done all of the above, and who better to swap cheating wife stories with than a real life Queen of Spades?
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Hey Lover!

I can not wait until we go out tonight!

I have been thinking about a thick, creamy, hard, big black cock all day, and I know you have too.

I know how much you love me to get dressed up and flirt with other men.

Teasing them all with my big tits and thick juicy ass.

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Cuckold Princess Monica

Hey Sexies!

It’s your BBC lover Monica, and I have been craving that hot creamy splooge! And you know that what I need is a deep hard dicking from a beautiful black cock! What makes me so hot is for me and you to go out to a bar that caters to the Ebony, and for me to take that hard cock deep in my juicy pink pussy while I am looking into your eyes!

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Mommy Phonesex


Mommy Phonesex

Hey Babies,Mommy has been so busy with her sweet little babies. She loves to take care of and snuggle her cute abie angel.

The hard question is, disposable or cloth?

And Mommy loves to dress her Sissy Baby up in such pretty girl clothes! Pink ruffled rubber panties that crinkle between your chubby little legs, sunshine yellow bib, and a great big mint green hairbow!

Such a cute chubby little tummy! Such ticklish little feet!

How about a bedtime story?

Doesn’t that sound like so much fun for the Adult Baby?

Cuddles and butterfly kisses,


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Your Sexy Curvy Big Titty Cuckold Phonesex Princess Monica Mandingo is here and horny!
I have been so busy juggling so many hard cocks in my hot pussy!
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GFE Phonesex

So, E tells me he misses my sexy notes to him on here. He wants to know that I am thinking of him as much as he thinks of me, that he invades my thoughts and fantasies and erotic daydreams just as much as I do his.


E, you do.

I was thinking about you today when I was going for a morning run with a friend who keeps trying to get in my pants. I thought about you again when I was getting my morning ice coffee after and the cute guy behind the counter winked at me and said “No charge”. I was trying on some cute panties at Aerie and wondered what you would think of them.

And all day, my pussy was unbelievably wet.

What should we do about that?


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Succubus Hypnosis Phonesex with Sick Phone Fetish Tara

Although many of you do feel I already am a demon, one of my areas of fetish is succubus hypnosis.

I haunt your dreams, taking you under my evil spell, and drain your balls of semen. I may also force you to be a slave for me, and go into the fantasies of other men or women and force you to pleasure them, again and again, until you pass out from exhaustion.

 Demon Lover

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Tease and Denial Phonesex with Pretty Baby Becca

Me on stairs

You know what makes my tight, juicy pussy so wet?

Knowing how hot I make you.

Teasing you with my hot little body, perky titties, bubble butt, and long, soft, sweet smelling hair, and feeling how stiff I make that dripping cock.

Taking you to the brink of orgasm, again and again.

Will I let you finish this time?

That’s the fun of tease and denial.

It’s all up to me.

Want to play?

Tease and Denial Phonesex with Pretty Baby Becca

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monica at school

Hi Fellas!

It’s your favorite filthy fetish phonesex Cuckold Princess Monica here, all ready to fulfill all your filthy fetish phonesex fantasies!

Should we keep your filthy fetish phonesex all in the family? I love being your favorite schoolgirl filthy fetish. Sitting in front of you in class with a creamy cummy pussy.

Come have a taste.

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