Cuckold Phonesex Wife Karen

Cuckold Phonesex
Hey there, it’s Karen, your favorite married and cheating wife, and I’m around right now, taking cuckold phonesex calls from the sexiest men on the planet, and I want to hear all your dirty confessions, it’s the perfect way for both of us to get off!
I’m intelligent, creative, highly imaginative, and I promise, you will never find a more stimulating conversationalist, but the only thing you have to know about me is that, I am the dirtiest cheating wife you will ever come across.
Right now, I am lying back in a pair of sexy black panties, with a glass of wine, and a whole toy box of dildos, butt plugs, anal beads and other goodies, taking fetish phonesex calls, I can’t wait to talk to you and hear how what makes you cum.
There is nothing we can’t talk about, want to tell me all about what you think is happening in your happy home?
Husbands, just like you, call my cuckold phone sex line all the time, and tell me “I caught my wife cheating” or “My wife fucked black cock” or “I caught my wife sucking cock”.
And I love it!
Just like I love bbc.
I’m married, I cheat on my husband, and really, what better person to do cheating wife phone sex with than an actual real life slut wife?
I have a lot of cheating wife phonesex stories, I could tell you all about the first time I cheated, or should I say the first time my husband caught me cuckolding him (because I cuckolded him for years and he never had a clue).
The first time he caught me, it was the country club that my husband and I belong to, all summer long, he networked and golfed, while I sat around the pool in a tiny little bikini, giving all the pool boys and tennis coaches wood made me feel good, but just wasn’t enough to satisfy this bored, horny wife.
Want to hear how my cuckold husband found his trophy wife face down, ass up in the bushes at the country club?
Then you should call me for the best cheating wife phonesex ever.
And, make sure you check out my new blog, and I love to send out sexy selfies to all my phonesex cuckold callers, just email at for me to send you some after you call.

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Foot Fetish Phonesex with Kimberly

Foot Fetish Phonesex
Hey there, are you looking at my feet in these striped stockings?
Do you like the tease of knowing there’s some pretty toes, sweet and smooth feet underneath my striped socks?
Do you have a foot fetish?
I’ll tell you about my foot fetish if you tell me what you adore about a woman’s feet!
Do you remember the very first time you got hard from looking at a woman’s feet?
I want you to tell me all about it, was it your idea, your girlfriend’s fantasy, or was it someone too naughty to mention here?
I have a lot of naughty footie stories too, and you won’t believe who I’ve teased with my footies!
I love panties, stockings, and pantyhose, the way they all feel on the smooth skin of just pedicured feet, makes you just want to get right down there and worship my feet right through that thin slippery nylon, kissing, worshiping, this foot fetish phonesex girl teasing you by wiggling my toes at you in my open toed shoes, makes you just want to get underneath me and beg for a taste of my pretty piggies!
If you’re on the kinky side, some of the things I’ve done for some of my favorite foot fetish phonesex men is work out in some socks, sweating, in my stinky exercise sneakers, until my feet or just sopping and smelly!
Are you into smelly stinky feet, your cock aching at the thought of being under my soles, begging to lick my feet clean, and willing to do whatever it takes to get my toes on your face?
Either way, if you like smooth just pedicured feet for a sexy footie or sloppy sweaty feet to lube your cock, I’m kinky like that, we are going to have a very sexy foot fetish phonesex session!

Interracial Cuckold Phonesex With Cheating Wife Karen

Are you curious about interracial cuckold phonesex with a real life hot wife?
Cuckold Phone Sex
I’ve always been fascinated by big black cock, and this snow bunny always cuckolded all her white boyfriends, from the time I started dating.
And I know you are curious, does anyone ever set out to become a cheating wife?
This cheating wife loves big black cock, and I have a lot of interracial cuckold phonesex stories to tell you, and hopefully we can both play out your cuckold husband fantasies.
Just recently, my husband was up for a big promotion at work, and I’ve been curious about his boss ever since I saw a picture of him up on the company site, big, black, bald, and I just knew he’d be perfect to star in my white wife black cock phone sex fantasies, while giving my husband a much needed boost, see, I am a very good wife 😉
My cuckold husband knows I am a slut for black cock, that his little white penis isn’t enough for me in any way, and that this slut wife has decided, he’s just going to have to accept that fact that he’s a cuckold, the more bbc orgams that I have, the better for us both!
What could be hotter than a white wife who loves getting fucked by huge black cock, right in front of you?
Just ask my husband, it’s the one thing that will always get him off.
And this slut wife aims to please, want me to tell you exactly how I seduced my husband’s boss into a promotion?
When you call me for cuckold phone sex, I know what you want, how about I describe for you exactly how much I love getting fucked by big bull cock?
I can tell you how white cuckold cock can’t satisfy me, never will, even though I love the benefits of being married.
And you can tell me how you suspect your wife is just like me, want to swap cuckold phone sex stories?
Call me for the best interracial cuckolding stories, I can’t wait for the both of us to explode!
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Ass Worship Phonesex with Kimberly

Ass Fetish Phonesex
Hello to all the body worship phonesex men, from the girl with the ass that just won’t quit!
Do you like a girl with a thick round juicy ass?
From all the ass fetish phone sex calls I get, it seems like a lot of you do!
When you have an ass like mine, and I know you want a piece of it, there’s a way for you to get it!
First, I want you to take a look at that juicy ass, while I slowly slide my panties down over that fat ass!
Oooh, looks like someone gets hard and has to stroke his cock when I mention a creamy fat ass in a pair of panties too!
I have a panty fetish too, what better way to show off that amazing ass than teasing you with lace panties, and then letting you wrap them around your cock while you worship my ass!
Not too big, not too small, definitely perfectly round!
Mouth watering yet?
I know you want me to lie down right in front of you so you can bury your tongue up my ass, but what fun is that?
I am going to tease you with my creamy white ass, rising my short little skirt to give you a flash of my fat ass in panties, sliding that silky fabric down my ass then up again, making you beg for body worship phonesex with me!
Want to know a little secret?
What makes me horny as fuck is when you smell, lick, taste my ass, and let me know that you just can’t get enough of my ass, that you could cum just from eating my ass!
And if you are a really good boy, maybe I’ll let you have ass worship phone sex that end with something a lot bigger up my sweet fat ass!
And let me know if you want pictures of my ass when you call!

Interracial Cuckolding Phone Sex with Hot Wife Karen

Cuckold Phone Sex
Hello there, Cuckold.
Looking at me and wondering just what I get up to when I am left to my own devices?
You know that I am cuckolding you with big black cock every chance I get, don’t you?
Look at me, why I wouldn’t fuck bbc?
I started with just one, but when it comes to big black cock, one is never enough.
After I had my first chocolate dick, he bragged about this creamy white pussy to everyone, and before long, he was introducing me to all his friends.
I’m the trophy wife of your wet dreams, the one you chased, wooed, and spoiled in every way, and a large part of my appeal is that all your friends want to fuck me.
And I play on that, don’t I?
When we are in bed together, you tell me how many of your friends, co-workers, even your family, want to fuck your hot wife.
What would they think if they knew that your wife cheats on you with black cock?
And that you can’t satisfy your trophy wife where it counts, in the sheets?
And it’s so humiliating that I openly cock mock you, that I let you know in every way that you have a small white penis, and that I’m a size queen.
I even made you pull out your cock so I could take pics and stroke for me next to a ruler, so that I could show my friends how little your cock is!
And the public humiliation doesn’t stop with me telling my friends how little my cuckold is, I’ve been getting bolder, not hiding that I fuck other men, coming home with my hair a mess, make up fucked off, and a creampie pussy.
Oh, did that make your mouth water?
How about I make sure you walk in on me in our bed with a big black cock?
Want to hear more cuckold stories, cuckold humiliation and forced bi tales?
Cal me for the best interracial cuckold phone sex ever!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Brittany

Cheap Phone Sex
I see you looking!
I have a question to ask you.
Do you like feet?
Like feet so much you are looking at me and wanting a hot footie phone sex session?
Getting hard and trying not to let anyone else know you would do anything to know what color nail polish I have on right now?
Or do you love feet more than anything else, a man with a secret foot fetish?
I have little feet, size seven, and I love teasing men by doing a little strip tease with my sexy strappy shoes, sliding those toes in and out, in and out, of my shoes, makes you want to feel my feet on your face, so you can take a deep sniff!
And now, what kind of feet do you want to play with?
Pretty, clean, smooth feet with bright pink nail polish on those cute toes?
Soft, creamy white feet that you can’t help but want around your cock, covered in cum?
I have so many ideas for when you call me for a hot foot fetish phone sex call, want me to tell you some right now?
Sometimes, when I know you are waiting for me to check on to take calls, it makes my pussy wet to wear the same socks and sneakers all day, to class, to the gym, and all day long, my pretty feet are sweating in those stinky socks, until when I am working out, my pussy is as wet as my feet, because you are stroking and can’t wait to call me to get your tongue on my stinky little size seven feet!
And when I want to feel like a total girly girl, you are in for that too, aren’t you, my foot slave?
Let me slide my just pedicure toes into a pair of silky stockings, you like black?
I do too, but I like white better!
I’m a total switch, depending on my mood, I can be a bratty domme who makes you beg to sniff my feet, or a total cocktease that wants to feel your cock between my arches until we both explode!
And that made me so ready for a hot foot fetish phone sex session, call me!
Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Brittany.

Threesome Phonesex Orgy with Emma and Dani

Two Girl Phonesex

I bet I know your very favorite bucket list fantasy!
You want to be in the middle of a hot girl threesome phonesex orgy!
All girls experiment with each other, it’s why we all want to go away for school and make the most of those slutty college years!
Want to make that voyeur fantasy you have come true with the sexiest babes you’ll ever see?
If you’re like all the men I know, you get an instant hard on when you watch a little girl on girl action, like when my girl Dani and I were out and about partying all over the city over the weekend, and on a dare, we started kissing and feeling each other up right in front of everyone, and you know what happened then?
The men watching couldn’t send over drinks fast enough!
Want to be the lucky guy that Dani and I take home for a threesome phone sex roleplay?
Blonde hair, bald pussy, and tight college girl bodies on your cock!
You can listen as we finger fuck our tight bald cunts, kissing and licking and slurping in a lesbian phone sex orgy, or you can be the center of attention, there is nothing better than a double blow job from two blonde nymphos!
You can stroke while we beg for you to fuck us, in every pretty hole, until you jizz!
Or, we can do a barely legal phone sex roleplay, want to be the teacher for my first time?
I love being the teacher too, it makes me so wet thinking about holding Dani’s blonde hair back while I tell her how to give her first blow job on your cock!
And then I’ll show her how I can make you edge with my tongue!
So grab your cock, call Emma and Dani, and let’s have a threesome phone sex party!

Babysitter Phonesex

Got to love when I get to babysit for a hot Daddy!
I always wear a tight little baby tee and a short skirt so I can tease!
Me and you in the kitchen, your wife upstairs, it’s time to drive me home and we both know all you want to do is fuck the babysitter!
You can’t stop staring at my perky little titties, can you?
And when I put one little foot up on the car dashboard, you can see up under that skirt to that tight bald pussy because I never wear panties!
Pull out that big cock and tell this naughty babysitter just what to do!
Babysitter Roleplay Phonesex.

Cougar Fetish Phonesex

Milf Phonesex

Being seduced by a hot cougar is every young man’s fantasy.
An eager, inexperienced, younger man, aka young, dumb, and full of cum, can be molded and taught by a seductive experienced
Admit it, when you were in high school, there was nothing hotter than going to your friend’s house, the one with that mom, hotter, experienced, and way more sexy than any young girl at your high school.
There is an inherent cougar aspect to a cuck and bull roleplay, as the big black cock I am fucking is not only much younger than my husband, but younger than this hot milf, as well.
Ready to get fucked by the hottest cougar ever?
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Cougar Phone Sex

Being a cougar phonesex milf, one of the pleasures in my cul de sac that my sexy cougar friends and I share is the annual lawn clean up.
We all break out the lawn chairs, bikinis, and with glasses of Bacardi and Diet Coke, let the show begin.
Nothing like getting this cougar pussy going like watching all the hot young high school/college boys in tee shirts and jeans, working like slaves.
And then we play our own cougar version of the drinking game, Quarters.
Every time a hot young man strips off an article of clothing, the holt milf cougar brigade drinks up.
And then we do our own answering strip tease, rubbing sunblock on long milf legs, standing up and adjusting my bikini bottoms by looking over my shoulder, running my fingers in the elastic bikini bottoms and pulling it away from my hot milf ass, and smiling at the man who is about to have his cougar phonesex fantasy come true.

Smiling seductively, as only a cougar can, at you.
You look so hot, and have been working your ass off, why not come on in my house and have a drink?
My husband is away until Monday…………….

Call Karen for your cougar phonesex fantasy at 1 888 662 6482 .


All wet and ready for you, baby.

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