Submissive Phone Sex Slut Dani

If you dont know by now I like submissive phone sex. Well I like to be the subbie in the phone sex fantasy. See I can do bratty domme stuff but I got admit that its not something that comes super naturally to me like some of the other girls here. Like they can be down right super brats. I giggle and laugh too much to be taken seriously. But then again that does have its advantages for humiliation fantasies. So maybe I am cut out for a few domination things.

submissive phone sex slut

Anyways, if your looking for a girl who loves to get spanked and be a good collared princess then that would be me. I can obey with the finest of submissive phone sex sluts. The best thing is I have a cute young sounding voice and well that just means your fantasy of training a barely legal to be your submissive slut is over.

I can go from willing sub to one that can be a touch of a brat who giggles and disobeys so you can take a firm hand to my petite bum. Sorry I kind of like being both types of submissive. Something super hot about giving you a little bit of trouble in the training but I aim to please. See how good of a submissive phone sex slut I already am?

Course I should warn you that when I am nervous I giggle so while your training me to be a first rate submissive phone sex slut there is a good chance I will giggle. Not cause I find the training funny but cause I am nervous about not being a good enough sub for my master. So I can see that leading to some punishments.

That giggling thing gets me in all sorts of trouble. Anyways you can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask Dani!



Anything Goes Phone Sex with Dani

Everyone always asks me what i like to do in the way of fantasies and i always say anything goes phone sex is the best. I kind of giggle when I say it cause I kind of feel silly saying it but its true I cant pick just ONE thing I like.

anything goes phone sex

I mean there are just SO many fun kinky fantasies to talk about and role play on the phone. Like just last week I was a babysitter and well I kind of fucked the married guy. It wasnt even a when we were driving home thing. We fucked in his bed right where his wife sleeps. Yup naughty but oooo so fun.

Then there are the taboo ones where I am a naughty schoolgirl like you cant ever say no to those ones. Getting sent to the principal office and he is always super friendly. Well other than the last schoolgirl role play had me getting spanked.

Then there are the fetish stuff. I am not like really good at being a domme just cause I tend to giggle a bunch and well that doesnt come across super in control. I will give it a try if you want me too though.

So kind of ended up going all over the place but thats kind of how it is with anything goes phone sex stuff. You start at one part and end of flipping it all around and end up some where else. Sounds confusing but its super fun. Was gonna say just like me but I dont think I am super confusing. I am cuteness n giggles and well maybe a bit o trouble đŸ™‚

If you want a blonde barely legal for those anything goes phone sex fantasies then give me DANI  a call 1-888-662-6482.

Barely Legal Phone Sex Submissive Dani

your wondering what your weekend needs? well to make it a kinky fun weekend? ME!!! a taboo talking barely legal phone sex girl.

yup thats it!

a super cute barely legal phone sex teen with an even better taboo sounding voice. oh wait can i say that? well i did. probably get spankings for it later. eeekkk!

barely legal phone sex submissive

jokes on you i love spankings. well not a lot of them but you know enough to make my bum pink. not sure how many spankings that is but its a lot. well might not be that many if you spank hard. do you like to punish  your girl?

i wasnt planning on talking about spankings or being punished but maybe cause i have been super naughty thing week on the phone i need a punishment role play.

hmm i would say what i am thinking but i am pretty sure its extremely taboo and well i would get a umm dick in my mouth  ya thats it.

see how i turned things around like that?

ok no more messing around. if you like taboo talking barely legal phone sex girls who are like super naughty and well love to be punished for being naughty then call me DANI!!!  the blond submissive girl with a cute bum.

i know you cant see me right now but i am totally dancing and trying to type so if there is typos its my bootys fault. this wont be very funny in a few minutes when i have a pink bum and its too sore to sit on. but its fun now!!!!

just ask for dani the one you probably gonna have to put in her place cause she is being super cheeky today. 1-888-662-6482 is my number.


Naughty School Girl Phone Sex Role Play with Dani

wanna know something i was a pretty good student when i was in school. like i never got called to the principal office but now that i am 18teen and doing naughty school girl phone sex role plays I am like always in the principal office. kind of makes me wish i was a naughty school girl back then. maybe all my friends were actually being naughty for a reason other than just being bad. Ooooo and we did have a really hot principal. crap I really was missing out.

naughty school girl phone sex role play

I could of been working on getting better grade beyond studying. well i wasnt that great of a student but my parents would of been way more impressed with my report card if I could of gave a few blow jobs for some B’s. oh wait is that too much of an over share? ya i wouldnt really do well domming the principal but i would of been the best blow job princess ever! cause I struggled to get C’s and if I could of gave a few oral presentations like i do in those naughty schoolgirl phone sex role plays then I would of been ever so happy.

oh wait maybe i am not suppose to share what happens when I get dragged into the principals office during those naughty taboo fantasies. are college professors much like that too? cause I have been a naughty coed a few times too and had to beg for some better grades and a couple extensions too. those profs really like having a barely legal on their knees.

what would you do during a schoolgirl phone sex role play? I am an eager blonde barely legal willing to do anything. ooo wait i really shouldnt say that cause you could have me doing some extreme stuff. eeek!

1-888-662-6482 just ask for dani!

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Dani

small penis humiliation phone sex

The other day I had a guy call me for some small penis humiliation phone sex. Well actually I dont think he really actually called me for some sph more he thought that by calling a barely legal teen I would be super impressed with his 4 inch dick. I guess he thought cause I was nineteen that I wouldnt of had a lot of experience with cocks come paired to some of the older girls here.

Or maybe he thought that cause I was so pint size that his dick would look bigger in my hand I dont really know but I do know that he didnt intend to call for a sph phone sex call but I couldnt help it I started to giggle. It was such a cute little dickie. You try not to laugh over something so tiny.

I mean I am not a huge slut but I have seen dicks and well I have even seen BBC cocks and well they are like MASSIVE compared to what he had. Really anything is massive compared to his pint size cock. Well my giggling just went on and on and on.

You wanna know what happened with is 4 inch penis?

Well that 4 inches was him hard! And the more I laughed the more it dribbled and it dribbled its way into being a micro penis. Like it just disappeared. I got him to poke it to wake it up but that didnt work.

So if you want to have some make you feel like your 4 inch cock is big you best tell the girl first dont make fun or well giggle over that cock. Cause well I think I did an oopsie. But if you really really like small penis humiliation phone sex and love a cute blonde barely legal teen to giggle over that tiny cock then call me cause i love to giggle!

I dont have to giggle over it if you dont want me to but it will be really hard cause I am a giggly kind of a girl.

1-888-662-6482 ask for me DANI!

Babysitter Phone Sex with Dani

babysitter phone sex

Sooooo all you babysitter phone sex lovers out there, lemme tell you about this fun call I had with this guy J. a minute ago. J.’s into cute, bratty babysitters just like you guys are, and we had a really awesome role play together.

Basically, he went out and left me to watch his kids for him. I put them to bed when it was their bedtime, and when he got back home, it was just the two of us awake and moving around or whatever. When he went to pay me, he realized he didn’t have any cash cuz the only thing he carries most of the time is cards. Well, I wasn’t about to leave there without my money for watching his little brats, so I told him we should go to an ATM. He agreed with me cuz there was one maybe ten minutes from his house.

So we kinda snuck out of the house so the kids wouldn’t wake up and got in his car. As soon as he pulled out of the driveway, I couldn’t help to try to pay him back a little for making this paying me thing waaaaaay more difficult than it should’ve been. I scooted as close to him as I could get with the console thingie in the way and reached over and started rubbing his cock in his pants. He almost hit some neighbor’s mailbox heehee!

I didn’t stop, though. He kinda deserved a lil punishment for what he’d done. I teased him all the way to the ATM and then all the way back, too. When we got back to his house and I had the money safe in my wallet, I totally let him bend over and fuck me cuz after playing with his dick for 20 minutes, I knew exactly how big it was, and I WANTED IT.

To be honest, I hope that’s all my babysitter phone sex calls end!

Dani 1-888-662-6482

Roleplay Phone Sex with Dani

roleplay phone sex barely legal teen

Guys call me a lot for roleplay phone sex, and it’s soooooo much fun. I dunno if I could even choose a favorite roleplay if somebody asked me cuz like they’re all really hot!!!

Like, sometimes, it’s fun to be the naughty schoolgirl or the teasing next-door neighbor that you have you to spank and take control of. If you’re the kind of guy who can handle me, I love being submissive. I’ll be sooooo good and do ANYTHING you want, I swear!

And then it’s also fun not to be the submissive one in the phone sex roleplay, too, sometimes. I mean, maybe I’m still the teasing next-door neighbor or whatever, but instead of you taking control of me, maybe I take control of you instead. What if I decided to punish you for spying on me on the all time or something? That’d be pretty cool cuz I like dealing out pervert punishment hee-hee.

What kinds of roleplaying do you like? We’ve got a bunch of options, so if you can’t pick just one, we can always do it over and over again with a new one every time. I kinda prefer it that way cuz it means we get to try something new, which I always love to do. Don’t you?

Kk guys, now I really wanna roleplay. And I’m gonna need some partners for that, so what you can do to help me is get your phone and call meeeeee!!!!! Right now, or at least very, very soon. Talk to ya soon!

Call me Dani for some roleplay phone sex fun 1-888-662-6482


submissive phone sex with dani

submissive phone sex

Sooo there are times when I wanna like giggle at guys who tell me they like to wear their wife’s panties or whatever. Cause you know that can be fun. But then there are also times that I just want to get on my knees and do whatever a hot older man wants me to do! And right now I’m kinda in the mood for that last one if you really wanna know.

So basically if you’re a hot older dude and you wanna play with a cute, sweet submissive phone sex girl with an adorable young voice, then now’s the time to do that!!!!

Every girl who’s a sub will tell you that she’ll do whatever you want, and I’m no different. But I promise that when I’m in this kind of mood, I will be such a good girl for you. No limits, I promise.

Whatever you want is what I want, too. I’ll dress however you like. Do you like schoolgirl outfits or cheerleader outfits or just me being completely naked? You tell me. I like pain sometimes, so if you wanna spank me or whatever, that’s fine, too. You can even try to humiliate me if you want, but I’m pretty shameless. But I’ll play along with you anyway. Make your submissive phone sex slut choke on your dick and fuck me when you’re finished. It’s all up to you.

I’ll be such a good girl for you if you will just give me a call!!!!

dani 1-888-662-6482

anything goes 2 girl phone sex

2 girl phone sex

hiiii! its me dani. its friday and i wanna spend my friday doing a 2 girl phone sex call. like lots of them really. it been ages since i did one and they are so much fun and there are really cute girls here and i wanna play with them. don’t you wanna have 2 girls playing on your dick?

the answer is a oh hellz yes.

i will share a cock. i not selfish. it super fun to share cock especially when they are super big dicks cause i am a tiny barely legal teen. so that is why 2 girl phone sex calls are really fun when i cant take the full big cock. not that i dont try. i try really hard.

but the best thing about 2 girl phone fun is that both of us can be bratty dommes and just humiliate you or you can tag team on me cause i really like to be submissive. so you can tie me up and do all sorts of naughty things to me. oh wait i shouldnt of said that. cause now you will do that.

yup anything goes with 2 girl phone sex. so lets have some fun its friday after all and i wanna play really bad. so many girls so many choices. you can pair up one of the milfs with me. oh now that is a naughty taboo fantasy. never thought about that till right now.

ok i go and get ready for you.

wiggles dani!

1-888-662-6482 just ask for dani and grab one of my friends for a 2 girl phone sex call.


Submissive Phone Sex

hiiii! its me dani! i dont know why everyone picks me for submissive phone sex. i am not complaining i like being someones tiny fuck doll its pretty fun. i wanna ask guys why they pick me but when your the subbie your really not suppose to ask. plus some times they put a ball gag in my mouth so all i can do is really moan and stuff so pretty hard to talk when you have one of those big ball things in your mouth. but i think they pick me cause of my young phone sex voice but then again they might pick me cause i am pretty small like only 5feet. i dont know maybe the fact i wear pigtails has them thinking i would be a good submissive? what do you think?

submissive phone sex

you know what the last guy he wanted to train me to be a good cock slut. like when a guy walks in the room i have to drop down on my knee and suck their cocks. i wasnt gonna argue. well cause he was way bigger than me and *giggles* i like cock already so is it really training me to do something i already like to do? can you still count me as being submissive? i hope so cause like i really wanna be a good cock slut for him.

wanna know what would even be more fun? if you got one of the other girls here to help out in the submissive phone sex call. ya you know like one of the more dominant girls there are a lot of them. pretty sure some of them would really like to fuck my bum with a strap on. oh wait i shouldnt give you any ideas. oops.

ok i gonna go before i give out too many ideas that you can do to me.

talk soon kay? DANI 1-888-662-6482