Dirty Phone Sex Whore Courtney

Today is one of those days where I am in the mood to be a full on slut! Thinking its time to break out those taboo fantasies that will have me being a nasty dirty phone sex whore.

dirty phone sex whore

Ohh dont get all embarrassed on me. No matter what your taboo fantasy is I really wanna here it right now. Especially if it has me or hell you or maybe both of us on our knees slathered in multiple loads of cum.

Perhaps I am not the only one wanting to be a dirty phone sex whore today?

Come on boys who else is eager to use every single orifice in their body the way the filthy gods intended for us too. Enough of watching gang bang porn or just flipping through bukkake images. Time to dive into those deep dark and extreme sexual fantasies. You know your inner cum slut is ever so eager to come out and play. I wanna play with that side of you.

Now dont worry if your embarrassed or not quite ready to admit that your a cum craving phone sex whore like myself. Then our time together can be a fantasy where I am your girlfriend and you surprise me with a wild night of gang bang fun. Lets see how many loads of cum I can take up my bald pussy.

Oh wait a minute my mind just ran off to the idea of perhaps a three some  call with you, myself and a tranny! What do you think?

Yes I really need to stop typing cause apparently my horny brain is running at 500 thoughts a second and this blog is about to not make sense. So give me a call and lets come up with a wickedly wild fantasy together.

1-888-662-6482 just ask for Courtney your dirty phone sex whore.

Panty Sniffing Fetish with Courtney

Do you have a panty sniffing fetish?

Wonder if your fondness for sniffing girls panties could be a fetish or merely just a preference?

panty sniffing fetish

Well here is a few things to think about that may have you leaning one way or the other. Like do you find you excuse yourself to go to the washroom when out at someones house just so you can dive through their dirty laundry hamper. Now it could be a preference if you just snatch the ones on top. And it maybe a fetish if you literally go hunting through the hamper looking for the best smelling pair.

Actually you may consider yourself a full on guy with panty sniffing fetish if you checked out the bedrooms on your way to the bathroom to see if you could snatch up any freshly removed panties with a rich musky aroma to please your nasal cavity.

Do you like to jerk off with those panties or do you merely want to sniff away while masturbating. Not really sure where that will lead you but from the panty sniffing phone sex calls I have done a panty fetish guy could go either way on that one. So it would definitely be something for us to discuss on the phone. Hey I am all about blank generalizations but somethings I just cant do it. Plus I would really love to hear just how excited you get with those panties.

So give me a call for a kinky panty sniffing phone sex call and tell me where you see yourself. By the way if your tossing those panties in a ziploc bag to preserve the freshness then you definitely have a panty sniffing fetish.

My number is 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Courntey lets explore your panty fetish this evening!

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Courtney

Go on tell me that view of my ass doesnt get you craving some ass worship phone sex.

Go on I can wait.

ass worship phone sex

Just stare at my perfect ass cheeks and how that pink thong just enhances my sweet derierre. Yup figured it your already imagining running your tongue down along that super soft cotton thong panties. Sure you can wish that my panties were removed but see here is the thing I enjoy teasing.

So untill you prove that your tongue is gonna lick my ass the way I like those panties are not going anywhere. Yes that is how I work my ass worship phone sex fantasies. I remain in charge. Not in a super strong dominant way but in a very soft, sensual woman in charge of things type of way. Trust me the way I will sensually dominate you will have your mouth and cock drooling for more.

More of my sweet ass that is.

Before you ask yes this is one of my favorite positions to have you worship my ass. The other is by squatting down over your face. Perhaps I should of saved that for when you are on the phone but I know telling you that will lead to all sorts of begging from you and well teasing from me.

Leave you wondering when I will smother your face with my perfect ass.

Why wonder any longer how about you just pick up that phone and lets dive into some ass worship phone sex fun. I know I am more than ready to have your tongue exploring my bottom.

1-888-662-6482 just ask for Courtney.

Kinky Phone Sex Girlfriend Courtney

What does a kinky phone sex girlfriend do on a long weekend when her boyfriend is working?

Well its rather simple she goes out and find someone to have some fun with. Oh ya it was a long weekend in Canada this past weekend for those a little confused by that statement. Or maybe you skipped over that fact based on you reading I was a cheating girlfriend and instantly thought damn thats one hot fucking girl!

kinky phone sex girlfriend

Ya I think it could be so even though the week is here I believe the fun I had on the weekend needs to end. I mean bring on the cuckold fantasies of me being your ever so hot girlfriend ready to cheat on your loser ass with some big, thick strangers cocks. Who cares what their names are cause I wont be asking them. What I will be asking them is how big their cocks get and if fucking a guys girlfriend gets them hard.

Hmm guess that makes me one kinky phone sex girlfriend then ready to cuckold your fucking ass.

Now I know maybe your not into the whole role play idea but hearing about my dirty true life sex stories is. Good news I love sharing all the dirty details of what I was up to over the weekend. Every juicy jizz squirting detail! So by all means pick up that phone and let me rehash all my crazy weekend sexapades with you.

Nothing like masturbating to true life sex stories of cuckolding my boyfriend and well you could be my phone sex boyfriend.

The number to call to reach this kinky phone sex girlfriend of your dreams is 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Courtney. There is no limits and anything goes when talking to me.

Taboo Phone Sex Girl Courtney

Have to say you guys are beyond kinky and keeping this taboo phone sex girl extremely busy. Which makes for one hell of an introduction into the world of kinky fetishes.

taboo phone sex girl

If we havent had the pleasure of talking yet my name is Courtney. Girl with really no limits and a love for all things kinky and perverted. Which makes for some very interesting times together.

Kind of sitting here wishing I could share some of the taboo phone sex role plays that have gotten my panties rather wet over the last month… But some people are just not as open minded as others so out of respect for them I shall just keep the naughty transactions between my lips and well not sure where else to be honest.

My boyfriend was home last week so I got my fill of fun with him and now he is gone again which means back to the kinky fun on the phone. From those looking for a sexy side kick to help out with a certain type of scene to well dressing you up and making your ass super pretty.

What do you say?

How about calling and sharing with me your taboo phone sex fantasies. Sure there is something extra naughty that gets your cock throbbing. Cream filled pussy perhaps or are you more the dive your tongue into a hot ass kind of guy?

My number is 1-888-662-6482 tell the dispatcher you wish to speak with Courtney and she will handle all the details.

So looking forward to talking. Have on my favorite pink panties today!

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