Humiliation Phone Sex with Bratty Princess Bree

So ya I woke up in a bit of a mood. Why? Its pretty simple. Your favorite bratty princess has been living next to a construction site cause my new neighbors are renovating their new place. All week long I have been listening to banging and its not the fun kind that gets my pussy wet if ya know what I mean?

humiliation phone sex

Today, I was hoping for some quiet. I mean it Sunday who doesnt rest on Sunday. Well the fuckers next door thats what! Ok breath! Think of Christian Louboutin shoes. Think of my happy place.. Red bottom shoes. Ahhhh!

So right now I need you fuckers to cheer me up with some humiliation phone sex. Talking small dick. Cuckolding. Bratty Princess. Ya know just calling you out on being a loser type humiliation phone sex stuff. I wanna be able to laugh and giggle over your short comings. The usual stuff that cheers me up!

Oh and I think if we brought in another bratty domme that would fucking rock! Cause who doesnt like to have 2 sexy bitches laugh in their ear and treat them like a fucking loser. Well I know you do so why not double up on the giggles and fun for a humiliation phone sex call.

Well I am gonna go curl up and watch some of The Voice I have pvr’d cause well Adam. Helloooo! He will bring a smile to my face and You do what your loser ass is good at which is pick up the phone and dial 1-888-662-6482 ask for Bree. Cause your gonna bring the giggles to my day! See my mood is a win win for everyone!

Cum Eating Phone Sex with Bree

hey fuckers! who out there spent the weekend just waiting for some alone time? not so you could masturbate. ok so you could masturbate but so you could call your favorite bratty princess and do a cum eating phone sex call!

cum eating phone sex

well i figured that is what happened cause its been over 4 days since i had a cum eater slurping in my ear. ya like that never happens usually my ear is dripping wet from listening to all you guys gobble up your own nut juice.

before you tell me your at work and dont have the time. bullshit i now you guys are horny 24/7 trust me i do phone sex! there aint no where and no time you kinky freaks aint willing to slip your hand down your pants and jerk one off.

so guess what? time to get down to business and have your jerk off a big old creamy load of jizz. slurp slurp! oh ya i aint taking no for an answer on this cum eating phone sex fantasy.

hell i think it will be even hotter knowing you have pushed your work to the side. slipped open your pants and whipped out that hard cock for a good old afternoon wank fest.

i mean really your gonna have to eat the evidence now arent you? haha

see a method to this bratty princess madness.

call 1-888-662-6482 tell the dispatcher you wanna do a cum eating phone sex call with bree!

OH shit and look I am taking calls just in time for the coffee break bell! time to add a little salty jizz to that mid day break.

Panty Boy Phone Sex Freaks with Bree

Fuck Ya! Its Friday!!!! This bratty princess is spending her Friday morning laying in bed in nothing more than panties wondering where are all the panty boy phone sex freaks are?

panty boy phone sex

Dont act all shy now. You know the minute you heard I am still in panties your cock twitched and your perverted panty boy brain just got that itch wondering did I sleep in these panties? Are they cotton? What cut are they?

Oh hell ya. I now how your kinky brains work hahah. Not my first rodeo with a guy with a panty fetish. Yup shocker right? Your thinking this bratty princess cant possibly know how to handle MY panty fetish. WRONG!

The fact that I am 21 will only add to the level of humiliation you will feel. Making you beg for every details that you crave to stroke too. Making you admit the fact that you are a kinky panty sniffing phone sex pervert. Haha.

Ok so like we both know your a panty pervert but its so much fun making you openly have to say it aloud. Hell  ya. Makes me wet if you say it beyond a whisper. What can I say your humiliation gets me excited.

So like I am saying panty boy phone sex freaks you need to grab that phone and call me so that I have no reason to get dressed. Be a shame to have to change out of these super cute panties. Oh wait did I give away that I have been wearing these panties for a bit?? Maybe. Maybe not. Have to call this fucking hot bratty princess for the full panty details. Yes I know I am a bitch but trust me that is the part you gonna love about me.

Panty boys just call 1-888-662-6482 ask for Bree. Anything Goes!!!!




Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Bree

Who let out all the small dick losers? Really every time I pick up the phone its a small penis humiliation phone sex call. Ok maybe they didnt want humiliation but when you tell me your dick is under 4 inches. Sorry your chances of a fuck and suck fantasy are tossed out the window.

small penis humiliation phone sex

That thing is not getting anywhere near my pussy in real time or fantasy time. Ya tell me I am a bitch or a snob. Like I give two shits after I talk to you I am going out and getting my pussy filled with real man dick.

4 inches? Really WTF do you do with that thing? Way too many of you say your out fucking around. I can tell you it aint with perfect princess pussy. No fucking way. Just thinking about it has me all creeped out. Like the amount of small penis humiliation phone sex calls I do the odds start looking bleak on finding a decent cock.

Dont get excited I would rather go lesbo than fuck a small dick. So your whole lil dicks rule the world bull shit and I am awesome at licking pussy. Ya so is another girl and I wont have to look at you huff n puff to find your cock. Gross mental image there!

Going to my happy place. Big. Thick. Long. Cocks. Ahhh much better.

Oh dont worry lil dick dudes I got way more humiliation and giggle for a sph phone sex call. So “drop” your dick and pick up that phone. This bratty princess is ready to humiliate your ass err well dick. 1-888-662-6482 Ask for Bree.

Bratty Phone Sex Princess Bree

bratty phone sex princess

I know your going what is this bratty phone sex princess doing home on a Friday night when she could be off teasing the guys at the club. True enough! Fucking could be grinding my hot fucking ass up against some loser making him buy me drinks and getting me shit faced drunk. But really I was like so over that tonight I wanna be curled up and just well being super cute fucking you losers over.

OH please dont look at me like OMG Bree cant believe you just called me a loser! I have never been so insulted in all my life. Dude! Really? You have been called way worst. If you dont like a bratty phone sex princess calling it like she sees it then well dont call me for nada!

If you like a girl talking to ya straight be it what she wants to do with her fingers in your wallet or some straight up humiliation sex then yup I am that fucking hot sexy princess for you.

Hell its Friday why not go all out and make it a 2 girl bratty phone sex princess splurge. Ya disappoint 2 girls at once with your small dick. Oh come the fuck on. That was an awesome one!

Anyways I am gonna get a little more comfortable princess style while you hunt for your wallet.

1-888-662-6482 is the number to call and Bree is the bratty princess you wanna talk too.

brattyprincessbree on aim


Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Bree

foot fetish phone sex

Wanna know what my bratty princess ass is in the mood for tonight? Well its pretty simple I want some fucker to worship my feet! Yup nothing but foot fetish phone sex is on my mind hahah. Come on like  you didnt see that one coming. I know you fuckers who pop a boner for toes must be having a hard time right now (yes pun totally intended) I cant be the only girl who is rocking flip flops and sandals every time she walks out the door. Driving you foot lovers to pop tents every 5 mins hahah.

Well ok maybe I have a step up on most the girls in flip flops I know when I select my foot wear its for teasing men vs what looks good with my outfit. I am all about what shows off my toes and feet in the best light. Currently I am all about my reef flip flops cause they are just awesome to walk in but I like that every step the bottom of my feet get dirty. So I can see some foot fetish fuck on his knees working extra hard on cleaning the soles of my feet.

See how thoughtful this bratty phone princess is? EXTREMELY right?

Thats not the only way I am super thoughtful so you best call me and I can tell you all the ways I think of you and your foot fetish ways. *wiggling my bright blue painted toes* Ya your over due talking to a hot barely legal about some foot fetish phone sex.

Bree 1-888-662-6482 nothing is off limits either!

Cock Sucker Phone Sex with Bree

cock sucker phone sex

Holy Fuck! Its like dick sucker central out there. Well ok maybe not all of you wanna suck back on a big ole cock but really the amount of cock sucking phone sex calls I have had in the last 24 hrs its like wtf?!? Everyone go out and get cum hungry at the same time?

Maybe that sounds like complaining but I am far from complaining love when ya kinky cock lickers call me up to confess you been slurping up those cock pops. Hell gives me a good laugh for the day and hell if my Monday could not use a good laugh. Actually any day of the week can use a good giggle.

Only thing I ask is that ya cough up where you are finding the dicks! Like there are a few wanna be cum eaters out there who cant find the dick. I know its sad to say not everyone out there is cock savvy. They are hunting high and low but their penis radar is like broken. Poor guys so really you telling me where the cocks are would help them out when they are doing their dick licking fantasies.

So for those confessing about finding cock or just wanting to fantasize about dick give me a call it will  be the hottest cock sucking phone sex call ever…. Cause I am involved duh!

Reach me at 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Bree

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Bree

ass worship phone sex

What’s up, fuckers? I bet you dirty little ass-lickers and butt-sniffers want some ass worship phone sex, don’t you? Better be grateful that I just so happen to be in the mood to oblige your loser asses!

I wonder what’s the best way to get you underneath me and worshiping my ass like you should? I could always sit on your face, I guess, cuz that’s literally putting you *underneath* me. Maybe I’ll just lie down on my stomach and get nice and comfortable while you straight up just shove your face between my ass cheeks and do what you do.

Or maybe I’ll smother you by making you sit with your back against the wall and just making my ass right up in your face so there’s no space for your dumb ass to move or breathe. Yeah, I think that one sounds like a hell of good time!!!

No, wait, I know! I’m gonna sit on the edge of one my dining room chairs with most of my ass hanging over the edge. Then, you’re gonna get on your knees, wedge yourself between the space between my ass and the floor, and get to fucking work. That sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

I got lots of ways for you to do ass worship phone sex with me. And I promise, you’ll be exhausted before I ever run out of new things for you to do to me or new positions for you get into.

Call me, bitches!

1-888-662-6482 tell the dispatcher you wanna worship Bree’s ass!

CBT Phone Sex with Bree

cbt phone sex

Ok, so we already know that your dick is tiny. That’s why you get so much small penis humiliation from me and all my friends and all the girls you know, really. I mean, it’s not our fault that you look like you were in some kind of tragic accident at one point.

But eventually, even SPH starts to get old. Like, yeah, ok, you have a tiny, worthless cock, haha. Then what?

The next logical thing is CBT phone sex, obviously. You shouldn’t just be laughed at for having a teeny-tiny useless dick. You should literally be fucking punished for it. CBT and ball busting are perfect for that and fucking hilarious, too. The reactions I get from dudes when I kick them in the nuts is priceless, I swear.

Kicking is fun, yeah, but there are so many other things I can do, too. Or even better, so many other things I can get you to do to yourself just because I told you to. Listening to some loser slam his dick in the toilet seat because I ordered it makes me laugh like a crazy person every time. And that shit is only the beginning.

Do you think you can handle CBT phone sex with bratty Princess Bree? I’m pretty sure you can’t, but I’ll be glad to let you try it, anyway. So what’s your loser ass waiting for? Go on and get your phone and call me already!

1-888-662-6482 Just ask for Bree

StrapOn Phone Sex with Bree

strapon phone sex

You know there is nothing hotter than a barely legal teen with a dick strapped to her. Ok well maybe not all of you but Bobby so did when he called for some strapon phone sex with his favourite bratty domme. Swear he is assuming the position before I even say hi! Bobby is such an anal whore hahah!

Also love the fact right now that he is squirming around in his panties with a budding hard on happening. Drilling his ass into the couch cushions as I totally call him out for loving to be ass fucked by a bratty barely legal domme. Oh ya Bobby now everyone knows about how you like getting it up the butt.

Ooo should I fucking tell all the other fuckers out there that your ass is so loose that I had to upgrade my strap on? Oh fuck ya my 8 incher was slipping the fuck out. Sure your going come on he could tighten his ass around it but nah i wanted him to be fucking tight and squirm every time I slammed into that faggoty ass. So bumped up the dick size the joys of having a plastic dick.

So anyone else calling for some strapon phone sex fun that complains about the size of my dick you can all send out a big ole thanks to Bobby cause he is the reason I am slipping that big one on.

Oh and Bobby you best not cum reading this.

Just ask for Bree 1-888-662-6482