Hey There. My name is Bree. It really should be Little Princess cause that is what I have been ever since I was little.
I have a tendency to be a brat but then again I have never heard the words No, Maybe or Can't.
It has always been Yes, Of course, How Soon! Those words always bring a smile to my face.

So your searching has you drooling over my hot pictures. Can’t say I blame you my sexy body is totally worshipable. Some have even begged to kiss and lick every inch of my body. Will you be lucky enough to join the line up to praise and worship at the Alter of Princess Bree?

I will give you this warning before you loose all sense of self as you look upon my sweet smile… I am a bratty Princess.

What does that mean to you?

That I will happily laugh at your so called “real” sex stories, we both know you have only jerked off too in your loser sex dreams. A limp dick or semi hard cock what ever you call it to make yourself feel good, shall never get hot pussy especially a Princess Pussy like mine. You can probably hear my Princess Pussy laughing at you from my sweet condo on Vancouver Island ~ paid for by sugar daddies.

No pussy for the loser!

My Princess Pussy will happily make you a panty wearing cuckold cause lets face it hearing how my pussy gets real big dicks makes your pint size cock start drooling all sorts of precum. Hey umm you may wanna wipe your chin off your fluffy boy side is showing.

When this Bratty Princess isnt on the phone you can find me shopping, at yoga or on the beach when the West Coast weather is warm enough for some beach time. Ya I have other hobbies but that is what I will share with you here in my sexy profile.

Oh this is where I should give you the list of things that wankers, perverts and losers find interesting.. What fetishes will I talk about?

Strap on fantasies we both know your eager to be my B.O.B.
Cuckold scenarios any of them from cheating girlfriend to giggling brat with a cream pie delight for you.
SPH hell ya you know laughing over your small thingamabob is on this Princess kink list.
Sissy boys always ready to push ya into being cum guzzling whores.
Panty sniffers ya teasing you with my dirty panties fuck  ya always up for that.
CEI cause lets face it you should be gobbling up that jizz load.
Finally ~ yes I am into taboo roleplays.
This is just a small list of the things I will chat about after all I am open minded when it comes to phone conversations.

Ok thats enough!

If you wanna know more then just call and ask for Princess Bree.

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