Hello Hypno Lovers

I could start by telling you all about Me. Where I am from? What I do? What I enjoy doing? But really those things are the things you start to wonder after the addiction starts. For really after our first call you’re going to be thirsting for that knowledge. How a sexy red headed Canadian girl has got you so wrapped around her finger you can’t help but wonder more about her.

How you crave to hear her sweet hypnotic voice dancing between your ears guiding you to the next phase of your erotic phone sex fantasy. Well there you go if this is your first time landing on my page you know my deep little secret I love manipulating men’s minds with erotic hypnosis. Taking you to places you have only ever dreamed about. Lowering you inhibitions so that you feel so completely comfortable to explore those taboo fantasies you secretly masturbate too.

I shall share this about myself for I do know you long for a little bit about me. I stumbled upon phone sex rather by accident. It was a dare by friends that has lead me to be the elite hypno phone sex goddess that I am. Using my seductive, hypnotic ways upon my male friends who told me for years that I needed to take my succubus charms to the phone and let other men experience all that I was. So after a night of poking and prodding I landed here and been having a wonderful time every since.

Now its your turn to find out what my male friends were talking about.


Yes hypnosis phone sex is my passion but I do love diving into other fetish phone sex conversations as well such as: Sensual Domination: Tease and Denial: Cuckold: Strap On: Sissy Boys: Panty Boys: Extreme Fetishes: Bathroom Fetishes: Succubus: Body Worship: Panty Boys: Mind Control: Orgasm Denial: Cock Control