Hello Boys and Gentlemen!
I am not really sure where to start with this bio so forgive me.

It’s not everyday one decides to pursue a phone sex opportunity. I mean I am a woman of a certain age but I have heard from the rumours in the neighbourhood that is rather popular. I heard the college boys as they were packing my groceries call me a MILF a few times, only when I asked my step son did I learn that was a VERY good thing. I have opted to create a phone sex persona known as Porscha for I thought it sounded rather cougar ~ ish and makes me feel even more sexier than I already am. Not to mention what boy doesn’t want to ride in a Porsche!

I have been married for 7 yrs to a wonderful husband. However, I am just not getting what I want in my home life. The mythical 7 year itch has hit me and hit HARD! He is a professional truck driver and is on the road for days at a time. Trying to keep me in the lifestyle I wish to be accustomed to. *smile* However, his time away makes for one very neglected Porscha. And when he is home the only engines he is servicing is the big rig. Not this one.
Can you keep a secret? I have been getting my engine serviced by quite a few guys around the suburb and my special trips into the city. How else do you thing I get such good deals on things ~ Coupons? These hands don’t clip coupons. I have better things to do with my hands. Some times I have even had tune ups in our marriage bed. My young lovers have been home while I have been all loving wife on the phone. It is hard to keep your voice from fluctuating while your pussy is getting eaten by that young tongue.
But my Vanilla husband has NO idea how kinky his wife really is. I mean how many girlfriend spa days does one woman have? Ah to be so naïve. Dazzle his with BS and I do dazzle!
Love Porscha
With age comes wisdom and an open mind for most if not all fantasies.
I am the Kinky MILF with no limits and no taboos!
So strap on in this will be one wild ride with Porscha!
Sensual Domination
Tease and Denial
Role Plays
Adult Babies
Sissy boys
Strap On
Stockings Fetish
Foot Worship
Light CBT ~ very intriguing
Age Play