Hey there guys! I'm Emma.
I kinda got into phone sex the other day when I was googling some stuff that I'd been thinking about.. see, I think I'm submissive. Well, I know I am. And OMG all the naughty stories and fetishes that are out there. I was so turned on... then I found phone sex.

I’m blonde haired, blue eyed, smiling, happy, kind of person. I like all people… even mean people. Some people are just mean because they don’t know how else to be.. So if that means that they get to be mean while spanking my bottom.. then okay!

I get called CUTE alot. Not SEXY or DREAMY. But cute. That’s okay though… Men love to tie cute girls up to their beds and get nasty dirty with them.

Hopefully me and you can get nasty dirty too! I’m kind of a private person, so it takes a little to get me to open up… but once I do… it’ll be great!

I can’t wait to play.