Click To Call – New Option

An option for directly connecting to your phone sex entertainer has been added to their individual profiles.  At the bottom of each proflie, a button is now present that allows online ordering. The price is still $1.99/min with a 10 minute minimum and a $2 connection fee. All a caller must do is select his length of time wanted, enter his personal billing information, select call options in terms of when to be called back, and then choose the girls name.

The process is a new option to The Kitten Ranch so there may be some hiccups along the way. Only click to purchase if the entertainer is showing as available. If a call goes thru and the entertainer logs out, the system will store the credit and it can be used by re-entering all the information and selecting credit.

Specific billing information is needed to process phone sex calls. This includes matching the zipcode on the credit card exactly. If the zipcode you enter is incorrect, your bank will still put a temporary authorization for funds. This does not mean that Palm Island Inc has access to that money or can offer a refund, so be diligent when entering billing information.

If there are any questions about the process, please ask your entertainer or email customer support at  ..