1-888-662-6482 $2/min billed as Palm Island Inc


I'm often asked "Miss Adrienne, do you just do phone sex because I'm paying
for it?" I just laugh and tell them "Darling, my husband is a long-haul
driver so he is gone all the time making big checks, therefore I don't
need YOUR money.

I love men of all ages. The young ones can go all night long. And if they
don't properly know how to satisfy me, they are still young enough they
can be taught a thing or two. As far as the older gentlemen go, they
already know all the secrets to keeping such a busty woman fully

These big titties of mine they just keep me so horny all the time. Hence
the job, to get the steady supply of horny men that's needed to keep me
completely happy. And we all want me happy, don't we?

I don't find men, they find me. Take for instance, when my divorced
girlfriends and I go out, the boys flock to me. I guess they think that
I'm just going to let them grope up my titties right there in the place.
Well, I was taught better manners than that.

I do however sit there myself rubbing my hands all over my chest knowing
they wish they could be the ones doing that for me. That may be my way, of
walking out of the place with my picking of guys.

And, of course, I share all of my men on the side with my girlfriends
because what kind of friend would I be if I didn't?

Are you wondering what happens when I get home with the lucky man? That's
what you have to call me to to find out about. I can't spoil all my
secrets, but I'll give you a hint: I love to be in control in bed,