Blasphemous Phone Sex with Shiva

Ahh Sunday. What a glorious day to engage in some blasphemous phone sex fun!

Well really any day is a good day to tell Jesus to fuck off but there is something even more sinful and devious when you do it on the most religious of days. Perhaps you have just come home from your Sunday family dinner. Still dressed in your Sunday best. Those hymns still dancing in your head. Yes I do believe that is the perfect time to engage in a little religious blasphemy fun with someone like me.

blasphemous phone sex

A woman who doesnt give two fucks about what the lord above has to say.

In fact, I couldnt tell you one passage from the bible. Been in a few churches but my eyes glaze over when they start the sermon. I start thinking of who is fuckable? How do I escape this insanity? Has that preacher ever fucked in his confessional?

Now I am not uncoth I do believe in a divine entity but it just happens that I put myself before any false prophets. Like those who tell me what to do with my Sunday. I wont apologize for that thought. I enjoy what I enjoy and nothing wrong with that. Plus I think you would find it far more enjoyable to spend your Sunday with me praying at my ass.

Its a glorious ass and deserves some worshiping.

While you deal with your uneasiness about doing a blasphemous phone sex call on a Sunday, I will let you know that I am around the rest of the week too. Perhaps you have to work up to something so extremely taboo. But it really is more fun to do something devious on a rather “holy” day.

Shiva 1-888-662-6482

2-girl Racial Humiliation PhoneseX

Do you just love 2-girl phonesex and Racial Humiliation phonesex?

Why not combine the two for some super hot taboo and kinky 2-girl racial humiliation phonesex?

Well we all are aware that not only are Females the superior sex (And You all know KNOW how much I believe in Female Superiority) , but we also know that Japanese is the superior race.  Good thing I am half Japanese. 😉  I just love humiliation, especially some extreme humiliation taboo humiliation……You know what I am talking about — You crave it. . . Racial Humiliation.  I had an excellent 2-girl phonesex call with Mz. Diamond, who is of a lower race (obviously) and I told her that if she could be a “good girl” that perhaps I would allow her to serve as my maid slave and lick my floors clean during our kinky 2-girl racial humiliation phonesex call.  I love because I can really let out how I feel about those that are inferior to me during a racial humiliation fantasy.  If you have always had a racial humiliation fantasy, then you should defiantly call up Lady London and Mz Diamond for the kinkiest 2-girl racial humiliation phonesex. I especially love telling that dirty whore exactly what I think about her. 2-girl racial humiliation phonesex is the best thing  — It is Soo…. Liberating.  I know that you are just dying to see a Domme Goddess DOMINATE a lowly slave girl whore like Mz Diamond so you should call us up for some racial humiliation phonesex.

Call us now for the best damn 2-girl racial humiliation phonesex of your life.


Lady London

AIM/YAHOO: DommeLondon

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