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Phone Sex Brat Skye

Hi losers! I’m Skye and I’m pretty much the perfect phone sex brat. I like to fuck, but there is no way I would ever fuck the likes of you. Why? Oh, I don’t know… maybe it’s because you’re a fat and ugly loser who still plays video games in his underwear while you eat […]

Sissy Boy Phone Sex with Simone

Put on your panties, pick up your phone, and call me for sissy boy phone sex. Don’t stop with just panties either. I have silky stockings for you with a sexy garter belt to frame your sissy ass so pretty. We aren’t going to stop there either. I think a sexy bra stuffed with titties […]

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

Life is too short to fuck small dicks. That’s my motto and what makes small penis humiliation phone sex with me all that much better. It’s not just something I laugh at you for on the phone either. If I met you in real life, I’d laugh at your pathetic little dick and probably send […]

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Emily

Wow, the fact that you even call that thing a dick is pathetic. It isn’t. It’s nothing more than an oversized clit and you know it. You haven’t ever actually tried to put it inside a woman, have you? I bet she laughed you right out of the bedroom, didn’t she? You’re probably still a […]

BBC Phone Sex with Tamra

As I’m sure you know, in my neck of the woods BBC is extremely taboo.  There’s nothing more these boys hate than to see a beautiful white girl with a black guy.  We tend to do things on the slick just to keep everyone safe, but sometimes I get so tired of sneaking around.  Other […]

Humiliation Phone Sex with Winter

You worthless excuse for a man.  How did I ever get stuck with a loser like you?  I can’t even remember what I used to like about you.  You should have never told me that you were into humiliation phone sex because I can’t even respect your sorry ass.  That’s why I’ve been seeing someone […]

Small Cock Humiliation with Tyra

Tell me how would you make you come with that small cock of yours? I wouldn’t even let you touch me with that. Small cock humiliation is something I love doing. I love telling you that your cock is so small and how much of a loser you are. I bet no one would ever […]

BBC Phone Sex with Harlow

I know that there are so many of you losers out there with tiny dicks who are just dreaming of getting your hands (or should I say mouth?) on a big black cock. That’s why you need to grab your phone right now and call me for BBC phone sex. I know the reason that […]

Humiliation Phone Sex with Harlow

If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love nothing more than humiliation phone sex. So many guys call me and try to plead their cases and make me see that they are indeed “man enough” to fuck me. WRONG. Let me tell you something. If you even feel like […]

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex Fantasy with Savannah

This week I got to enjoy some deep erotic hypnosis phone sex fun with one of my favorite callers BW. You maybe familiar with this jerk off addict through the various blog I post after our humiliation hypnosis calls. Course there is something about humiliating BW through the phone and another thing to continue our […]

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