Hey There. My name is Bree. It really should be Little Princess cause that is what I have been ever since I was little.
I have a tendency to be a brat but then again I have never heard the words No, Maybe or Can't.
It has always been Yes, Of course, How Soon! Those words always bring a smile to my face.

I have just turned 18 and I am out on my own for the first time, in my new condo. But now that all my friends are working to try and save for college I am left to try and find something to fill my time. And I am not a manual work type of girl ~ it will ruin my manicure for sure. So I did a search on the net I found this place ~ what a score it was. I get to spend my days and nites doing the 2 things I do best 1. Talking on the phone and 2. Getting off. I knew all those years of phone sex with my long distant bf would pay off some day. ~smile~

I have always known how to play the good girl but been the one sneaking out the window to attend the parties. I got rewarded for being such a good girl ~ batting my eyelashes~ But got bigger rewards for being the nasty girl in the back seat of the boys cars. But now I am a bit older I like the older men ~ sugar daddies to be exact! How do you think I got the condo!!!

This nasty princess will be the one to drive you wild on the phone cause I will do all the things you can’t find at home. You want someone to help act out those kinky fetish roleplays? You want to be able to say you bang the head cheerleader or even your babysitter? Then YES I am the no taboo girl for you. I can easily switch from being the dominate bitch to submissive slave. Let me be the one to tell you how to stroke ur cock or you can tell me how to suck it! Yes I will do that. However, boys remember I am a Princess and humiliating yourself for me is the ultimate form of servitude in my court. Catch me on a day where someone dare says no to me and I will have fun with your balls with some CBT. I do have lots and lots of clothes in my closet ~cause I love to shop~ for those pretty little fem boys or pink panty boys. My own addiction is shoes, so finding someone who loves to worship feet and shoes is heaven. Man o Man my list can go on and on. But I think that is enough teasing 4 now. U will see that teasing is one of my fav things to do too. Teasin your fucking cock till its head is bright purple. For Purple is My fav color. So Cum Get Twisted with Bree