Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Jennifer

Summer is here in the southwest and my footsies need some extra special care and attention. Now is the best time for guys who have a fetish for bare feet and sexy foot fetish phone sex. I had one of the most amazing pedicures yesterday at a brand new spa; I just know the tech had a foot fetish when I could see his small boner thru his pants. Something about the way he tenderly held my foot, the gentle massage of every single toe. Not rushed at all. Not only did I leave with soft and pink painted toes, my panties were soaking wet!

foot fetish phone sex

If you gave a pedicure like that I’d let you lick my pussy until I came in your face. Maybe more. After all if you have gone to all that trouble to make my feet smooth and sexy you could be rewarded with a bare foot job. My toes wrapping around the head of your cock. My foot rolling your balls around. Teasing you and taunting you until you start fucking the high arches of my feet. I know you want to see your cum squishy between my toes. It will be even better if you lick each toe clean. That’s it baby, suckle on each toe like it was a little bitty dick.

It’s not just my bare feet that I love guys to take care of. My feet are just as sexy in a pair of sheer black silk stockings. And heels. A stocking fetish. Heels and shoe fetish perhaps? Stockings in heels or bare feet in heels? You can worship my legs and my stockings while I tease your dick with my other shoe. Touching the pointy toe against your cock, I see you getting harder. My last foot fetish boy friend loved to cum in my shoes and watch me slip my bare feet right into them. I didn’t mind because I made him take me shopping for new shoes all the time.

I’ll indulge in all your fetish desires – shoe, stocking, and foot fetish phone sex.

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Strap on Phone Sex with Jennifer

Are you curious about what it’s like to take a dick in the ass, but you’re a little scared to actually go out and do it? You’ve gone as far as to finger your ass with a finger, but be honest – that just isn’t doing it for you anymore and you need something more to hold you over until you gather up the courage to go out and get the real thing. Well, don’t worry… that’s what strap on phone sex is for!

strap on fetish phone sex

So tell me… what exactly is it that you’re so nervous about? Do you think it’s going to hurt when you get fucked for the first time? I won’t lie. It might hurt a little but at first, but trust me… by the time I’m done with you, it’s going to feel so good. I will work it in slowly and gently, but it won’t take long before you’re going to be begging me to go harder and deeper. You’re going to want my strap on cock buried balls deep inside you. And you’re going to want it all the time.

If you’re being honest…that’s one of the things you’re worried about, isn’t it? You’re worried that if you give in to the fact that you want to be fucked in the ass and you actually like it, you’ll be admitting that you’re gay or something. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not… but why deny yourself something that you need so damn badly? Let yourself indulge in strap on phone sex with me and work yourself up to the thing that you really want… a big fat cock plowing your asshole.

So when you’re ready to admit to what you want, pick up the phone and give me a call for some kinky strap on phone sex!

Jennifer 1 888 662 6482

Medical Fetish Phone Sex with Jennifer

I love when guys call with a medical fetish phone sex fantasy. Did you know that I took classes to be a nurse in what seems like a previous life? But I am just too hot and kinky to spend my days or nights wearing scrubs and sneakers. The best benefit I found from taking those classes was learning a lot about anatomy, medical implements, and procedures. I love to employ those lessons during our Medical Fetish Phone Sex calls.

medical fetish phone sex

While I’m always ready to play the sexy nurse that gives you a sponge bath with a little (or a lot) something extra, it’s some of the more technical exams I really get off on. I’ll indulge any and all medical fetish roleplays, whether based in fantasy or real life. But my special expertise is in more clinical medical fetish play. Fetishes like prostate exams and stimulation, urethral sounds insertions and administrating enemas. I’ve played with catheters and pumping too. Close your eyes and imagine being strapped to my table as I’m about to start your exam.

It’s time for you to strip naked because your nurse assistant is going to snap on rubber gloves and insert a finger or two up your ass and feel your prostate. If it’s too full, your prostate will have to be stimulated or milked, by my fingers or a strap-on. It’s time to lay back as your hot kinky nurse is going to start inserting the first sound up your urethra. It’s a small caliber, but I am going to use thicker and thicker sounds by the time this session is over! Make time to get out your disposable enema bottle or red rubber bag because you need your enema before we begin. Sometimes I like to give an enema then insert a butt plug before I let my patient release. Or perhaps we’ll try out my brand new bardex nozzle. Would you like to be my patient?

For all your medical fetish phone sex needs, call Jennifer 1-888-662-6482

Sensual Domination Phone Sex Tease Jennifer

I don’t think it’s a secret that I am a big fan of being a sensual domination phone sex tease. I’m not hardcore, but there’s something so satisfying about using my body to tease, torment, and get exactly what I want from men. I can see the way you look at me and I know that you’re no different than other men. You would do pretty much anything to get your cock inside me, wouldn’t you?

sensual domination phone sex tease

I like taking men like you home with me and getting you hot and bothered. We will make out and touch each other all over and that’s when I will tell you that the thing that would turn me on more than anything in the world would be to tie you to my bed. I tell you that I promise it’s nothing to be worried about – I just want you to have to lie back and do nothing but enjoy and the only way to do that is to make sure you’re physically unable to do anything.

But of course I’m not exactly telling you the truth. Once you’re all tied up, I’m going to rub my hot body all over yours. I’m going to tease you and let you get so close to getting your dick inside me and then move away from you. I’ll eventually let you slide inside me and ride you until I cum all over your cock but when I can feel that you’re getting close to cumming, I will climb completely off of your dick and just watch you writhe in misery.

How long will I leave you tied up like that? Oh, I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’m going to have fun teasing you. I’ll probably cum on your dick at least 4 or 5 times before I finally let you cum too.

Call me, your new favorite sensual domination phone sex tease so we can have some agonizing fun. I promise it will be the best time you’ve ever had.

Jennifer – 1-888-662-6482

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with Jennifer

If you have a fetish for smoking, both cigarettes and more, I’m the girl to call for smoking fetish phone sex. Listen to me light up, inhale deeply and blow the smoke right in your face. I’ll even fill up a bowl and hit my bong. I’m a smoker and a tease and put the two together and anything goes with me.

smoking fetish phone sex

The smoking fetish has been around for quite a while. It dates back to when smoking was actually against the law for women! I can’t even imagine living in such an oppressive time, but even now smoking is forbidden in many public places. Perhaps that’s why the fetish is growing even stronger. Today’s smoking fetish is very erotic.

Do you like women who smoke cigarettes, cigars or even naughtier things? I will light up for you and you will hear me puffing on my cigarette as you stroke. I have even sucked on my dildo and smoked at the same time. Talk about satisfying my oral cravings! On the internet it’s known as a smoking blowjob. I like looking at smoking fetish pics online. It makes my pussy get wet to see all those hot pics. I’m bisexual and seeing a sexy woman smoking is a turn-on to me, too. Or if you are into smoking, feel free to light up during our Smoking Fetish Phone Sex call.

Nothing is taboo or off limits to me, so you can do whatever you want. And if you’re a submissive and you have kinky smoking desires like licking out my car ash tray or having me tip my ashes on your tongue, so I can make them sizzle, you should call me to explore your smoking fetish. I get into being a Smoking Mistress. Whatever you enjoy when it comes to lighting up, I’m here for you for Smoking Fetish Phone Sex calls.

Jennifer 1-888-662-6482

aim – FetishGoddessJennifer

Panty Boy Phone Sex with Jennifer

One of my favorite panty boy phone sex guys suggested the topic for this blog today. I think it was panty boy phone with cum eating instructions. Even better. If you expect to cum on the phone with me, I expect that you’ll eat up every drop. And sticking to the panty boy theme, I’ll make you cum in your panties then stuff them in your mouth until you suck every drop of cum out of them. I’ll consider it my mission to make you the the best panty boy cum eating slut for me.

panty boy phone sex

Is your dick all hard in your panties now? I hope there’s a growing wet spot showing me how damned excited you are. Shake your slutty ass for me. Show me that panty covered ass. Feel me reach up and give you a wedgie, turning those panties into a thong up your butt crack. Hump and fuck your panties like a bitch. Prove to me how much you want to be my panty boy phone sex slut. I might even bend you over and reward you with my big fat strapon cock. You might be saying, no please no, but I see your dick all twitchy in your panties and I bet that tight little asshole is already quivering.

Your panties don’t lie, that wet spot is huge, looks like you pee’d yourself that’s how excited you are to be my panty bitch boy. Lay back on the bed so you can lick my ass and pussy right thru my panties. Make me cum over and over and I’ll let you suck all my juices out my panties. I might even let you take them home with you! When you feel me rubbing my soaking wet panty ass on your panty cock, I know you won’t be able to hold back at all. Just be sure you eat up all that cum for me too!

Panty boy phone sex with Jennifer 1-888-662-6482


GFE Phone Sex with Jennifer

Hey guys, I am Jennifer and I want love GFE phone sex, I want to be your phone sex girlfriend! Do you miss having someone special in your life, a beautiful girl who you can share things with, someone to talk to when you need her, someone to be intimate with? I am here for you. If you don’t know what GFE is, it means Girlfriend Experience. Most men want a secret virtual girlfriend who will indulge their fetish, fantasies and more. Right now I don’t have a boyfriend. After I broke up with my last boyfriend, I made a promise to myself to find the right man next time. And I tried a few singles dating sites, it was lame. Maybe you’re my secret Mr. Right? Call me for GFE Phone Sex and we can explore mutual needs and desires.

GFE Phone Sex

GFE Phone Sex calls are also about going deeper into knowing each other personally and sexually. This experience can be very intimate and erotic and also fun. We can do couples dates where we eat dinner at the same time and chat or watch the same movie or tv show or sporting event together. The possibilities are endless. I really love being a girlfriend and I could be very special to you if you would let me.You can tell me anything at all and know that I will always be in your corner. I’ll stroke your ego and your body.

I have a few favorite sex toys that I like to use when doing GFE calls, so I can feel everything you want me to feel when we are making love. I also enjoy doing sweet bedtime calls and reading bedtime erotic stories to you to arouse you and then, of course, take care of your arousal. Being your phone sex girlfriend is all about you and your pleasure.

For GFE Phone Sex call Jennifer 1-888-662-6482

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

Life is too short to fuck small dicks. That’s my motto and what makes small penis humiliation phone sex with me all that much better. It’s not just something I laugh at you for on the phone either. If I met you in real life, I’d laugh at your pathetic little dick and probably send you on your way. I don’t care if your feelings get hurt, you need to know the truth of your situation. Truth, you ask? No real woman would waste her time with a useless excuse for a dicklette like yours. Sure you might find yourself a mercy fuck, but we both know she won’t feel a thing, and it’s probably costing you some money too!

small penis humiliation phone sex
sph phone sex

I’m not really much for tinder or other internet hook-up sites; meeting men is rarely a problem for a Goddess like me. Some girlfriends and I were hanging out, having drinks, and for fun pulled up Tinder to see what kind of trouble we could find. Wasn’t long before I started messaging with some really hot guy. Told him I was with a couple friends and if he had a friend or 2 we should meet up at a bar not far away. Long story short, we all meet up, have some laughs and hot guy invites me back to his place. Hell yeah, I said, let’s go. I know you know where this going … hot guy, small pathetic dick.

For real, I laughed. He was so confident and arrogant I would never have guessed that between his muscular thighs was a teenie 3″ dick. Shit you not. “What the fuck am I supposed to with that?” I laughed. He stuttered, turned red and apologized profusely. Good boy, at least he knows he did me wrong. Lucky for him I was so damn horny, I sat on his face and let him jerk his itty bitty junk. I should have made him put on my dirty panties so I wouldn’t have to look at it. I came all over his face, he dribbled on his fingertips and I sent him on his way.

Like I said, life’s too short to waste on small pathetic loser dicks. Need a dose of sph phone sex? Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Jennifer for small penis humiliation phone sex.

aim – FetishGoddessJennifer

Medical Fetish Phone Sex with Jennifer

medical fetish phone sex

I love sexual role-plays and a medical fetish phone sex roleplay is one of my favorites! You were a little confused when I called to let you know that you needed to come into the Dr.’s office for some emergency testing. I explained that I was new here to the practice and as I was going over your records something alarmed me. “Come in today right after work, I’ll keep the office open late for you.”

When you enter the office you see me sitting at the desk, “Hello, you’re later than I thought and we are running behind.” I tell you to follow me and we walk down a long hallway to an extra large exam room. “Strip” I say “and be quick about it”. You notice the room is dark with a spotlight right on the exam table. It’s one of those old fashioned gynecological tables with some added accessories. I have you stand in front of me, hands on your head for a visual inspection. Feel my eyes burning into every inch of you as I have turn very slowly. As you stay still you really notice me for the first time. My long legs, my coat is held together with one button and you see I’m not wearing anything underneath!

Your exam begins like most others, height, weight. I use my stethoscope and have you breathe deeply. When I you feel my fingers pinch your nipples hard, you yelp out loud. I can’t help but laugh as I tell you that I’m only checking for discharge and lumps. This exam is going to be VERY thorough. Once you’re laying back on the table, I pull out leather cuffs for your arms to hold you still. Legs up in the stirrups and also cuffed. I wheel over the metal stand with the red bag attached to a long hose with a very large nozzle. I need to be sure you are properly cleaned out.

This is really just the beginning of your exam. Not only will I complete a thorough anal and prostate exam, I will examine your balls and your cock more thoroughly than you can imagine. Think anal speculums. Urethra dilation with sounds. Perhaps some electro-stimulation. Saline injections. Sutures. Needles and more. Your appointment is now, don’t keep me waiting.

For medical fetish phone sex roleplay, call Jennifer 1-888-662-6482

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Panty Boy Phone Sex with Jennifer

panty boy phone sex

I have to tell about this real life panty boy phone sex fantasy that actually happened. I had some friends over the other day just to hang out, watch some sports, have some drinks. One of my friends brought her new boyfriend, someone I had never met before. We were all having a good time when I noticed he was gone for awhile. I grabbed my friend and told her I was a little worried and we went to the back bedroom to find him. And did we ever find him! Standing there looking in the mirror, his pants around his ankles, and my dirty panties in his hand!

I think my girlfriend was more embarrassed than he was. But you know me, I was happy to find a panty boy right here in my house. I reassured my friend I wasn’t upset and walked right over to her boyfriend and slapped his face. I told him if he was so into my panties he should have asked first. I reached under my skirt, slipped off my panties, rubbed them in his face and told him to open wide. I stuffed my panties in his mouth and took the pair he was holding from his hands.

His dick was rock hard and sticking straight out. I couldn’t help but tease him and laugh about being a panty boy. I watched him hungrily sucking my juices from the panties. I thought about making him put on the panties and parade him in front of everyone, but his girlfriend was a little freaked out. hah! I thought it best we get back to the party, so I took those panties and jerked him off right there. You know it didn’t take long for him to cum. I pulled the other panties from his mouth and told him we weren’t leaving this room until he licked every drop of his cum.

My girlfriend and I have talked since then and she’s open to trying some new and kinky play. She’s even open to me joining them! I think I’ll introduce them both to my strap-on next time!

For panty boy phone sex, call Jennifer 1-888-662-6482

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