Naughty Phone Sex Panty Boy with Rachelle

If your a phone sex panty boy there is something you should know about me. I love wearing panties. Sure I could be like all the other girls this summer going out commando. Flashing a little ass under my summer dresses but thats not really my style.

naughty phone sex panty boy

Perhaps it cause I love the feel of soft sexy panties against my bottom but I think there is something sexy about flashing a little panty. The hit of a panty line under a pair of super skinny jeans. Or well with the warm weather make that a pair of crisp, white cotton shorts.

I like a guy wondering what I have on underneath my clothing. Him looking for that hint of what type of panty I am wearing. Sure some times its blatantly obvious when there is tons of lace detailing and my chosen outfit of the day only enhances the delicate print underneath.

However, that little detail got you staring at this college coeds ass. Yup made you look and yes I am seeing  you stare. Perhaps its the voyeur in me that loves having men look at my ass. Or maybe its the desire to have a man worship my ass. All I know is phone sex panty boys are so much fun to tease.

For you boys are the ones that will not be able to break that stare with my sweet behind. Those questions looming in your mind what is she wearing? What type of material is covering her bum? How long has she worn them? What do they smell like?

Bet just reading them has you reaching down to adjust your pants. Either way I know once you call me for some teasing those pants will be on the floor.

Just ask for the sexy coed Rachelle once you reach the dispatcher 1-888-662-6482.

Cock Teasing Phone Sex Coed Rachelle

Your favorite cock teasing phone sex coed has been super busy this weekend. Spent more of it in my bikini soaking up the sun’s rays at the beach. Oh man did it ever felt good to be laying on the sand in my soft blue bikini.

cock teasing phone sex coed

Knowing full well those old men were walking by getting a good look at my hot ass and amazing tits. Even better when its me laying there with a few of my college friends. Yup nothing like a group of hot sexy girls wearing next to nothing on a beach. Oh do you guys manage them hard ons in those swimming trunks?

Not like I really care but I am sure it explains why so many men were in the water. LOL. Sure this cock teasing phone sex coed may of ensured they had a reason to take a dive into the frigid H2O.

Perhaps it was the way I applied the sunscreen over my breast or could of been when I got my girlfriend to slap some creamy white lotion all over my back. Hmm who knows but the men really did enjoy walking by us. Ok so I know its exactly that.

Course I have a few crazy ideas on how I would really love to up the cock teasing at the beach. Perhaps you would like to join me for some fun on the phone. Remember nothing is off limits and anything goes. So we can take our cock teasing phone sex role play to the most extreme levels. What can I say my time in the sun has got me feeling extra horny today.

Just call 1-888-662-6482 ask for Rachelle the kinky cock teasing phone sex coed.

Panty Boy Phone Sex Humiliation with Rachelle

Are you wondering if your a panty boy or just a guy with a fetish for women’s panties? I know whats the difference right? Or better yet how can a hot coed phone sex girl like me help you out with your confusion around being a panty boy.

panty boy phone sex

Dont let  my age fool you. See I work at a lingerie store and see lots of guys come in to buy panties. Some times those guys end up chatting me up and spilling those kinky little secrets as to who those panties are for.

At first I was completely disgusted guys would tell me what they were gonna be doing with those panties. Then it became exciting to know that those panty boys could end up chatting to a coed phone sex girl like me by the end of the day.

See over time the panty boys and guys with a fetish for panties simply told me the difference now I use that little bit of knowledge to giggle at you guys when I am on the phone with you.

Ok fine thats probably wrong but not like you guys are complaining about the humiliation you get from me. Least I couldnt hear the complaints over the moaning during the last panty boy phone sex call I did.

I know I look super sweet but I do have a bit of a bite to me too. My giggle with have you begging for me to make fun of you in your panties or what ever it is your doing with those panties.

1-888-662-6482 ask for Rachelle the hot coed phone sex girl ready to humiliate you.




BBC Phone Sex with Rachelle

bbc phone sex

Do you like cock? No never mind I wanna know if you like BBC. Cause we both know that if your gonna think of cock your gonna think about the biggest and best cock out there with is black dick! Then that sort of falls into why not have some BBC phone sex fun with me!

I love talking about cock in general but most of all I adore talking about BBC. They are the best and most amazing cock ever. I know I havent been with that many which is probably why I love doing calls around big black dicks. Like cuckolding fantasies where guys tell me what they wish their wives would do. OMG I am beyond jealous I am not married cause I am pretty sure I would make an excellent cuckold wife.

Then there are guys who tell me how they dream of sucking a bbc. OMG how I can relate. Sure I have sucked them but its been far too long that I can completely understand its like I am a BBC virgin all over again. Oh that would be a fun bbc phone sex call to do.  Dont you think? Me being a virgin to never seeing a dark dick and the reactions I would have. Just think about that for a moment.

Anyways just thinking about all those dark chocolate dongs has got me well rather worked up. Think I am gonna go find my favorite toy and hope you call me very soon for some bbc phone sex fun! Hint I am available now and super horny.

1-888-662-6482 ask for Rachelle.

aim coedvxnrachelle.

Coed Phone Sex Tease Rachelle

coed phone sex tease

With finishing my last semester I wanted to celebrate with my boyfriend. Go out for dinner and I dont know just see where the night sort of rolled after that. We went to this quaint lil English inspired pub and the waitress was less than helpful. She sort of forgot us which was actually ok that meant I could tease my boyfriend under the table. Like that bit of info would shock you coming from this coed phone sex tease!

Letting my hand just wander over to the front of his shorts and helping things along so that he couldnt get up too quickly. Sure he pushed my hand away cause he is the quiet type but I know he likes it. His semi hard cock was telling me not to stop.

After dinner he was some what eager to get home but course I wasnt helping in his exit for I wasnt ending my massage of his cock. Naughty yes but really could you expect anything less from a coed phone sex tease? I think not.

Watching him try to focus on not getting aroused even though I know all the spots to touch to get a stiff reaction from him. Good try!

Love watching him sweat in public when I am doing all sorts of naughty things to him especially those things your not suppose to do in public. Bet your wondering if my hand found its way under his shorts on to some bare throbbing skin? Hmmmm do I or dont I say?

All I can say is that I fucking love teasing my boyfriend over dinner and I know that I will love teasing you over the phone. If you think you can handle this coed phone sex tease. Well can you?

Rachelle 1-888-662-6482

Cock Teasing Phone Sex with Rachelle

cock tease phone sex

Cock teasing is one of my favorite things, and that goes doubly for cock teasing phone sex. I love it so much that I do it really often. And that means my cute little ass knows a whole lot about it.

Like what? Like how to edge you, for example, and keep you right there on the brink of cumming without ever actually letting you cum. I mean, I can keep it up for *hours* if that’s the kind of mood I’m in. I also know how to stroke your dick and stop right at the last moment to keep you on the edge without cumming. And I kow how to tell you to do it for me, too. Don’t even think about trying to fool me about when you’re gonna cum because YOU CAN’T lol.

I know what you’re wondering, though. When we have our cock teasing phone sex call together, after all that playing and all that teasing and edging, am I gonna let you cum before we hang up the phone? Will I finally let you get off with what’ll no doubt be the strongest and longest-lasting orgasm of your life, or will I leave you high and dry with tease and denial?

Weeeelllll…to tell the truth, there’s just no way to know. I usually make that decision on a whim, depending on who you are, when I last let you get off for me, and what kind of mood I happen to be in that day. So basically, you’ve gotta try your luck before you find out the answer. But if you’re brave enough and curious enough that you’ll risk being teased and denied to find out, then come on and call me already!

Rachelle 1-888-662-6482

Panty Boy Phone Sex with Rachelle

panty boy phone sex

So you see different people talking about cross dressing and panty boy phone sex, right? Have you ever wondered what the difference between the two is?

It’s not a stupid question, by the way. It’s something that even I wondered about a long time ago. Lots of people kinda use the terms interchangeably, but they’re really not all that interchangeable, IMO.

So what are the differences? Well, let’s start with the most obvious thing. Panty boys are literally dudes who wear panties. That’s it. They don’t wear any other feminine clothing–no bras, no stockings, no corsets, no lingerie, no dresses, nothing. They wear panties, and that’s it. Cross dressers, on the other hand, wear both panties AND other kinds of feminine clothes.

That’s just the basic distinction, though. There’s way more to it than that.

Panty boys pretty much always retain their masculinity. They’re not into being humiliated for wearing panties, or sucking cock, or being a cuckold, or anything like that. They just like the way it feels to wear them and maybe to jerk off in them or whatever.

Cross dressers tend to become a little more feminine, which totally makes sense because, duh, they’re not just wearing panties, they’re wearing entire outfits. Some of them may be into humiliation and stuff, too, but not all of them. Sissies, on the other hand….

So, yeah, if you’ve ever been wondering about those differences, there they are. Now if you’ve made up your mind which one you are, then call me now for some cross dresser or panty boy phone sex!

Rachelle 1-888-662-6482

Roleplay Phone Sex with Rachelle

taboo roleplay phone sex coed

Hi, guys! Let me ask you a question. Do you like roleplay phone sex? I sure hope you do because I fucking adore it.

Like, what better way for you to live out your fantasies over the phone than by actually playing out a scene that puts you right into the middle of the action? There’s not one, to be honest.

So what kinds of roleplay fantasies do you have? I’ll tell you mine first, if you’re nervous about admitting them.

Ok, so my favorite kinds of roleplays are babysitter roleplays, teacher/student roleplays, and, of course, all those naughty taboo roleplays. You know, the kind that are much too naughty to talk about here. 😉

Babysitter roleplays are fun because they can mean I’m playing with the boy I’m babysitting or that I’m playing with his dad when Dad gets home. Or possibly both. Both is best!

Teacher/student roleplays are fun because they’re very realistic for me, what with being in college myself and all. I’ve got a couple of hot professors that I’d love to hook up with, and it’s not exactly difficult for me to think up good scenarios to make that happen.

And finally, taboo roleplays are fun because…well, you know. 😉

Now that I’ve told you my favorites, I’m really looking forward to hearing yours. You wouldn’t make your favorite coed wait, now would you? *Pout* Of course you wouldn’t! That’s why you should go ahead and give me a call 1-888-662-6482 for some hot roleplay phone sex, just ask for Rachelle.


Foot Worship Phone Sex with Rachelle

foot worship phone sex

Hey, guys! I had this wild dream last night that I want to tell you about. I think you foot worship phone sex lovers will enjoy it.

I dreamed that I worked in an office. I ran the whole place (unsurprising) and was in charge of hiring new workers. So I was interviewing this one guy, right? I could tell he was a little nervous, but he’d cleaned himself up nicely and had interviewed well enough.

So I looked at him and told him that he had almost everything we were looking for in a candidate for this position (experience, education, etc.) and that if he performed well on this “aptitude test” I was about to give him, the position would be his. He looked really super-happy about that.

I told him to get up and come around on my side of my desk. Then, I told him that he had to get down on his knees and worship my feet, and if he did a good enough job, I would hire him!

He seemed kinda shocked at first, but he did what I said. He got down on his knees, took my shoes off my feet, and ran his hands over the tops of my feet, which were covered in stockings. I told him that the first part of the test was to see how well he worshiped my stocking feet, and if he did well enough on that, he would pass on to the second part, which was to see how well he worshiped my bare feet.

Well, when he bent over to kiss my feet for the first time, like any good foot worship phone sex boy would do, I could see that his dick was hard in his pants!

I woke up before things went much farther, but I thought maybe you and I could play with that fantasy and see where it goes!

Rachelle 1-888-662-6482

coedvxnrachelle aim:yim

Naughty Phone Sex Tease

naughty phone sex tease

Happy 4th of July! Bet you have been spending the day at the beach and picnics being teased by tons of hot coeds and barely legal teens. Doing everything in your power to keep that raging hard on in your pants. Well your home now a bit buzzed time to completely let go and indulge in some naughty phone sex with a hot coed. Yup that would be me.

I know I have teased 1. 2. 3. Ok a LOT of guys at BBQ’s, the beach and well everything in between. I know all the buttons to push that is why I am a naughty phone sex tease. Well not just cause I love being a cock tease but cause I love to take those phone conversations and make them really naughty by taking on a taboo twist.

Yup those ones. *wink* Where I am any girl. Even the one you saw at the beach today. The one who was teasing you by just laying next to you in her sexy bikini while catching some sun and chatting with her girlfriends. Ya her. I dont mind playing someone else. Having a different name. That is what naughty phone sex is about.

Doing something different.

Doing something taboo.

Just having fun really.

Ok yes some teasing too but come on I cant just let you fuck me.


Well I suppose I could but more fun when there is a little cock teasing in there. Guess that is more for me. So I am around tonight looking forward to ending your 4th with a huge bang.

Rachelle 1-888-662-6482

coedvxnrachelle is my aim!


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